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1  Reading various news items today from an array of media outlets makes you question do they print actual facts or are turning into trashy tabloid magazines.

eg Somebody claims

    Pictures suggest

    It appears

    An unnamed source said....

Some of these media outlets seem to be nothing more than opinion piece

2  Tova O'Brien getting rave reviews over her hard hitting interview with Jami Lee Ross.

Lets see her do that to a non loser eg Ardern,Shaw,Collins or Peters,lets see how she shapes up,very easy to put the knife in to a person who is  already rooted.


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NZ Herald is pitiful

Everyday a 'weird' headline about Trump, or Meghan and Harry

Have also noticed with the Herald, and it started about a week ago, the website comes up no prob, but then you go to click on an article, most of the time, maybe 90-95%, the article comes up very briefly, then disappears.

Why would this be?, I have an old browser and version of Windows, soon to be updated

It doesn't do it on my newish Samsung phone

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