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National Championships Summer Super Comp - Round 3 - Sat Feb 6 - and rules


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Saturday's postings were a disaster. At one stage I had 10 tabs open trying to fix mistakes for people who can't follow instructions despite 90% being able to. I nearly closed the PC and walked away.

In future it will be up to Captains to replace scratchings. I will not try and help them by advising of scratchings, postings on wrong threads and so on.

The comp will close 15 minutes before race 1 when the thread will be unlocked by Pete. This will give Captains 10 minutes to fix any issues. 5 minutes before race one I will close off the comp - end of story. Nothing will be accepted after that. I will post that it is closed.

I strongly urge Captains to have their team mates send them their selections in a PM. This will negate the need for the 10 minute "grace period". I will make these changes to the rules on Wednesday when the fields are posted.

Also DO NOT EDIT POSTS - for the 10th time I'm saying this ! If you have alterations, scratching replacements, then post them in a NEW POST.

If you don't know where to post, ask. Pete has provided very clear instructions on this. We don't want another day like last Saturday.

4. Scratching Rule (Changes). You may post replacements for any scratching by making a new post clearly indicating your replacement selection(s). This may now be done by competitors any time up until 15 minutes before the first race. At this point (15 minutes before race 1) Pete will open up the selection thread to allow everyone to view everyone else's selections. After the 15 minute cut-off Captains (or their appointed replacement) will have 10 minutes to submit a replacement set of selections on the selection thread. Any scratchings that require subs or BB adjustments can be made by the Captains at this time by a separate (new) post. It would be very helpful if you are at all able, to please check your selections for scratchings before closing time. Five minutes before the start of the first race I will close off the comp and ALL selections (or lack of them) are LOCKED IN. Late scratchings will go to the TAB sub followed by the 2nd favourite by TAB win odds in that order. If more than one horse meets the latter criteria then the replacement will be the horse with the higher number. 

ROUND 3 - Sat Feb 6


Races are:

1. New Plymouth R2 - 1.05pm - Punting Comp Closes 4PM 1800 - $27k, 1800m, R74 BM

2. Wingatui R4 - 1.57pm - Mediaworks Dunedin Guineas (LR) - $50k, 1500m, 3yos SWs

3. New Plymouth R5 - 2.50pm - Woburn Farm 2YO Classic (Gr3) - $70k, 1200m, 2yos SWs

4. Caulfield R2 - 3.15pm - Neds Blue Diamond Prelude {F} (Gr2) - $200k, 1100m, 2yo fillies SWs

5. New Plymouth R7 - 4.00pm - Fasttrack Insurance Oaks Prelude (LR) - $55k, 1800m, 3yo fillies SWs

6. New Plymouth R8 - 4.35pm - Powerworx Taranaki Cup (Gr3) - $25k, 1800m, open SW+Ps

7. Randwick R5 - 5.20pm - Inglis Millenium 2YO (RLR) - $2m, 1100m, 2yos SWs

8. Randwick R7 - 6.35pm - Inglis Sprint 3YO (RLR) - $1m, 1200m, 3yos SWs

9. Caulfield R8 - 6.55pm - Neds C.F. Orr Stks (Gr1) - $500k, 1400m, WFA

10. Caulfield R9 - 7.35pm - Schweppes Rubiton Stks (Gr2) - $200k, 1100m, SW+Ps

Remember - one best bet in each country




Craig (2/0-172.20/120.80) v Porky (1/1-503.40/383.60)

Baby (1/1-382.20/417.60) v John (1/1-361.40/367.00)

Rees (2/0-638.80/304.00) v Virgil (1/1-349.80/289.20)

Von Smallhausen (1/1-555.80/453.60) v The Crucible (0/2-307.00/625.40)

Richie (0/2-509.60/812.60) v Hesi (2/0-351.80/196.00)


BLUES (8th) vs CRUSADERS (2nd)

Geoff (1/1-523.80/451.40) v Rex (2/0-440.20/340.40)

Gordy (0/2-112.00/118.00) v Rob (0/2-368.40/673.00)

Howie (2/0-616.80/350.40) v Tom (2/0-468.20/330.80)

Roland (1/1-186.00/204.80) v Wrinkles (1/1-202.60/308.80)

Pete (0/2-247.60/476.20) v Robert (2/0-479.40/418.80)


CHIEFS (4th) vs TURBOS (6th)

Punter Pete (2/0-671.20/291.60) v Steve P (1/1-421.80/302.80)

Stevie N (0/2-263.40/311.00) v Ray (1/1-665.80/586.20)

Gee (2/0-476.00/278.00) v Gary (1/1-328.80/357.40)

Ian (0/2-295.40/449.40) v Ziggy (1/1-237.00/267.20)

Jack (1/1-340.60/357.40) v Blind Squirrel (0/2-358.20/473.40)


FERDIES (7th) vs KAURI KATS (5th)

Heather (1/1-345.80/584.00) v Sharne (0/2-306.40/582.60)

Zac (1/1-199.00/197.60) v Jen (0/2-106.00/329.20)

PJ (1/1-492.00/469.00) v Graeme (1/1-276.60/223.00)

Maria (1/1-439.40/535.20) v Max (2/0-572.00/281.40)

Maurice (1/1-458.00/542.20) v Pam (1/1-388.40/262.00)



671.20 Punter Pete (Chiefs)

665.80 Ray (Turbos)

638.80 Rees (Steelers)

616.80 Howie (Blues)

572.00 Max (Kauri Kats)

555.80 Von Smallhausen (Steelers)

523.80 Geoff (Blues)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Graeme (1/1-223.00) (Kauri Kats)

Roland (1/1-204.80) (Blues)

Zac (1/1-197.60) (Ferdies)

Hesi (2/0-196.00) (Hurricanes)

Craig (2/0-120.80) (Steelers)

Gordy (0/2-118.00) (Blues)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Heather (1/1-584.00) (Ferdies)

Ray (1/1-586.20) (Turbos)

The Crucible (0/2-625.40) (Hurricanes)

Rob (0/2-673.00) (Crusaders)

Richie (0/2-812.60) (Steelers)




1st 5 pts STEELERS $2258.60

2nd 5 pts CRUSADERS $1958.80

3rd 4 pts HURRICANES* $1873.40

4th 3 pts CHIEFS $2046.20

5th 3 pts KAURI KATS $1649.40

6th 2 pts TURBOS $2011.60

7th 2 pts FERDIES $1934.20 

8th 1 pt BLUES $1589.60

* joker play

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