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Female jockeys getting an allowance!


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How absurd. Just like when France introduced such a move. And what has it done, exactly what would be expected. Given more rides to females and more winners. Making it easier for them to win. Just because a bunch of ignorant trainers thought females can't ride. That's their issue.

No wonder Jamie Kah told them how backward they are in the UK to even be considering such a move. France did it. And that is a disgrace.

As their own jockey Josephine Gordon put it, it would be offensive. She's spot on.

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If they simply wanted to increase participation, France Galop could have done something as basic as stating they would pay the female rider fees (or a percentage of them). Or made a owner/trainer contribution of x for every y rides of their horses with females. This doesn't affect the races, it affects the finances of the owner/trainer.

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