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Autumn Super Draft Comp Round 8 - Sat May 1


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ROUND 8 - Saturday May 1

Selections Close off at 12.14pm (NZ time)

The season has turned and the Sydney Carnival has concluded so for the second half of the comp we head into the likes of South Australia (this week) and later Queensland to uncover some more tricky races for you to find the winners of, as the tracks head towards the heavy in NZ.  Brisbane fields looked a bit ordinary this week and there will be plenty of races there to come so it's off to Adelaide for Saturday's conclusion.

Races are:

1. Te Rapa R2 - 12.44pm - Waikato - Bay of Plenty Harness Racing 1400 - $10k, 1400m, maiden

2. Te Rapa R4 - 1.53pm - Cambridge Equine Hospital 1200 - $27k, 1200m, R74 BM

3. Te Rapa R5 - 2.27pm - Inglis Sales Cambridge Breeders Stks (Gr3) - $70k, 1200m, 3yos SWs

4. Te Rapa R6 - 3.01pm - Hutton Contracting 1400 - $32k, 1400m, open hdcp

5. Te Rapa R7 - 3.36pm - Travis Stks (Gr2) - $100k, 2000m, fillies/mares WFA

6. Morphettville R4 - 4.00pm - Port Adelaide Cup (LR) - $107k, 2500m, qlty hdcp

7. Morphettville R5 - 4.35pm - Queen of the South Stks (Gr2) - $202k, 1600m, fillies/mares SW+Ps

8. Morphettville R6 - 5.15pm - TAB Tobin Bronze Stks (Gr2) - $202k, 1200m, 3yos SWs

9. Morphettville R7 - 5.55pm - TAB Classic (Gr1) - $502k, 1200m, fillies/mares WFA

10. Morphettville R8 - 6.35pm - Australasian Oaks (Gr1) - $502k, 2000m, 3yo fillies SWs


After Tom the Terror's defeat last week no one is unbeaten but 5 competitors boast a 5-1 record: Tom & Sharne (this pair clashing this week), Geoff & Steve P (also meeting head-on this round) and Ray (bye this week).  A big welcome to Jase who steps in for Baby who has withdrawn for personal reasons. We hope she returns soon.

The top of the table clash between the bombastic Barellans and the sh*t hot Seagulls is the headline act for Round 8 and it promises to be a cracker with some heavy hitters locking horns across the tie. My money is on the 'Gulls ! Don't think the Bye Boys - Ardern Up - will be taking on this match for their aggregate hunt....

The Escapists will attempt to bring the Maxis back down to earth after their Joker-fuelled success last week while the Basement Battle ensues between Showtime and The Ramones to see who will occupy the cellar come Sunday (might be neither as it happens)...


BARELLAN (2nd) vs SEAGULLS (1st)

Craig (3/3-1287.00/989.20) v Maurice (4/2-1647.80/978.00)

Punter Pete (2/4-892.80/1221.00) v Pete (4/2-1613.60/1199.00)

Tom (5/1-2450.60/851.40) v Sharne (5/1-1597.40/874.20)

Howie (3/3-1465.20/1267.20) v Hesi (3/3-1855.40/1859.60)

Geoff (5/1-1628.20/875.80) v Steve P (5/1-1157.40/667.60)


ESCAPISTS (5th) vs MAXIS (3rd) 

Jen (1/5-881.20/878.20) v Rob (3/3-1588.80/962.40)

Jack (1/5-1390.20/1516.00) v Graeme (2/4-1510.60/1885.80)

PJ (3/3-1705.20/1250.60) v Pam (2/4-1116.40/1427.80)

Rex (3/3-1706.60/1205.60) v Blind Squirrel (2/4-1550.60/1479.00)

Roland (4/2-1619.80/852.80) v Max (4/2-1331.20/1232.00)


SHOWTIME (6th) vs RAMONES (7th)

Gary (4/2-1904.80/979.40) v Rees (3/3-828.20/816.80)

Porky (2/4-1216.00/832.00) v Dino (2/4-1086.40/1193.60)

Maria (2/4-1055.40/996.80) v Jason (0/0-0.00/0.00)

Heather (3/3-1138.20/965.00) v Gee (1/5-534.20/1789.20)

Gordy (4/2-833.00/628.40) v Richie (2/4-1154.40/1464.60)



Zac (2/4-1177.00/1320.60)

Ray (5/1-1862.40/1484.60)

Ziggy (2/4-1255.20/1315.00)

Ian (1/5-1541.80/1931.20)

Stevie N (3/3-1790.20/1342.80)



2450.60 Tom (Barellan)

1904.80 Gary (Showtime)

1862.40 Ray (Ardern Up)

1855.40 Hesi (Seagulls)

1790.20 Stevie N (Ardern Up)

1706.60 Rex (Escapists)

1705.20 PJ (Escapists)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Roland (4/2-852.80) (Escapists)

Tom (5/1-851.40) (Barellan)

Porky (2/4-832.00) (Showtime)

Rees (3/3-816.80) (Ramones)

Steve P (5/1-667.60) (Seagulls)

Gordy (4/2-628.40) (Showtime)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Jack (1/5-1516.00) (Escapists)

Gee (1/5-1789.20) (Ramones)

Hesi (3/3-1859.60) (Seagulls)

Graeme (2/4-1885.80) (Maxis)

Ian (1/5-1931.20) (Ardern Up)


Table after Round 7

1st 18 Seagulls $7870.60

2nd 18 Barellan $7780.60 

3rd 12 Maxis $7096.80

4th 11 Ardern Up $7626.60 

5th 10 Escapists $7301.00

6th 10 Showtime $6147.40

7th 9 Ramones $4930.00


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16 hours ago, brown fox said:

Blackiston told RSN he had no memory of the fall.

“All I remember is the horse went down and then I had these misty dreams, things like white roses and green fields. It was bizarre,” he said.

“I honestly didn’t know if I was alive or dead but I didn’t see any flames so I was pretty confident I wasn’t going to hell.”

Max says he shoulda been worried about feeling the flames more than seeing 'em!

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