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Comp player name translation

12-06-2019, 02:50 PM
Ashoka - Ashoka(the well thinking one)
Brian - Mafioso(in his dreams)
Isaac - Isaac(refer Brian whanau)
Betty - Betty(refer Brian whanau)
Damion - Damion(4 legged?)
Claire - Claire(refer Brian whanau)
Craig - Craigos(music man)
Gary - Gazzac(Akela Belle)
Gee - Zabeel(only picks them if they are more than 20's)
Gordy - Gordy(good to see back)
Graeme - Brown Fox(long time campaigner)
Hesi - Hesi(me)
Ian - VC(analyst supreme)
Jack - Taniwha99(another long time campaigner)
Jen - Jenlove(ace, and wife of Roland)
Jill - Flowin With The Breez(linked as I recall to Sir G and Wrinkles)
John - Say No More(say no more)
Maureen - Maureen(refer Brian whanau)
Maurice - Moz1047(future champion)
Maximus - Maximus(Weasel from another life, also quite lippy)
Pete - Pete(longshot hope only)
PJ - PJ(if you don't know who he is, you have been asleep under a tree for the last 20 years)
Punter Pete - Ye Old Pete(one of many Petes)
Ray - Rayzor(cuts like a knife)
Rees - Globederby19(bit lippy, but a nice guy)
Rex - Sir Gallivant(knight supreme)
Richie - Richie(should have been first draft pick)
Rob - Godzstar1(the robber)
Robert - Double R(great to see back)
Rocky Way - Rocky Way(another Rex)
Roland - Sir Castleton(another knight, prince of the longshots)
Rosina - Rosina(refer Brian whanau)
Sharne - Sharne(whorolleyes.png)
Skelly - Skelly(new but old, welcome)
Stevie N - Stevie Nicks Off(??, but a great name)
Steve Paul - Steve Paul(woke up just in time)
The Crucible - The Crucible(Say No More posting for, until he pulls finger and joins)
Tom - Turny(good on you Tom, hope you enjoy)
Virgil - VvD(Man who)
Wrinkles - Wrinkles(can't mistake with the font)
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