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Mid-Winter Super Draft Comp Round 8 - Sat August 7


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ROUND 8 - Saturday August 7

The Roughnecks look short priced favourites to carry on their winning rampage this week against a Crazy Horse outfit replete with a player or two who can't get in tune. Just two point separate the Hot Toddys and Usain Colt so that should be a good battle while Piko and Lowdown who are each locked on 8 points lock horns with a few looking for revenge on recent defeats.

Ziggy is looking to end his win-less run against one of the Unfortunate Five - Punter Pete - while Maria, who has more HTH wins than anyone, will face some stiff competition this week from "Usain Ray" who isn't far off nailing a spot in the Magnificent Seven. Lastly a warning for King Gee - take it easy on that poor Squirrel or the SPCA will be notified....

Selections Close off at 11.05am (NZ time)

Races are:

1. Riccarton R1 - 11.35pm - Avon City Ford Sydenham Hurdles - $35k, 3100m, open hdl

2. Riccarton R2 - 12.05pm - NZB RTR Sale 17-18 November - $27k, 1400m, R74 BM

3. Riccarton R4 - 1.05pm - Racecourse Hotel & Motor Lodge Koral Steeplechase - $35k, 4250m, open stpl

4. Riccarton R5 - 1.40pm - Road Metals Open Hdcp - $32k, 1200m, open hdcp

5. Riccarton R7 - 2.50pm - Winning Edge Presentations 124th Winter Cup (Gr3) - $100k, 1600m, open hdcp

6. Flemington R5 - 4.35pm - VRC Member Kate Crosby Sprint - $130k, 1100m, R74 BM

7. Randwick R7 - 4.55pm - Heineken Missile Stks (Gr2) - $200k, 1200m, 3yos+ SW+Ps

8. Randwick R8 - 5.35pm - Fujitsu General Rosebud (LR) - $150k, 1100m, 3yos qlty hdcp

9. Flemington R8 - 6.30pm - World Horse Racing Aurie's Star Hdcp (Gr3) - $200k, 1200m, hdcp

10. Flemington R9 - 7.05pm - VRC Member Michael Kiely Trophy - $130k, 1600m, BM84 hdcp


N.B. If Riccarton is abandoned before we get underway then the NZ leg will transfer to next Wednesday


USAIN COLT (4th) vs HOT TODDYS (3rd)

Ian (4/2-1769.00/1656.20) v Midnight C (4/2-1019.00/693.60)

Gary (3/3-1016.80/883.60) v Pam (2/4-1257.20/1639.20)

Ziggy (0/6-881.00/1298.60) v Punter Pete (2/4-1319.60/1465.20)

Stevie N (3/3-815.20/772.60) v Heather (2/4-1001.40/1422.20)

Ray (4/2-1626.20/834.20) v Maria (5/1-1846.00/788.40)



Plovdiv (2/4-637.80/845.20) v Jen (4/2-1532.00/1630.00)

Rees (4/2-1643.40/654.80) v Dino (4/2-1616.00/809.20)

Blind Squirrel (3/3-1367.80/1642.20) v Gee (4/2-2103.40/1280.00)

PJ (2/4-970.60/1014.00) v Gordy (2/4-888.20/1311.40)

Jason (4/2-1168.60/786.40) v Roland (4/2-1658.80/663.40)


LOWDOWN (6th) vs PIKO (5th)

Pete (4/2-807.60/726.20) v Howie (3/3-1193.80/890.20)

Robert (4/2-1171.80/557.60) v Richie (3/3-1710.80/1047.00)

Sharne (3/3-1345.20/1049.80) v Hesi (3/3-1198.00/983.80)

Steve P (2/4-1098.60/1431.60) v Geoff (2/4-912.60/1068.80)

Maurice (2/4-912.60/1344.20) v Tom (2/4-750.20/947.20)


Bye - MX5 (2nd)

Craig (3/3-1273.80/1522.20)

Max (3/3-1905.60/1020.80)

Rex (3/3-1677.80/848.40)

Graeme (3/3-1535.80/1502.00)

Rob (3/3-1851.60/763.80)



2103.40 Gee (Roughnecks)

1905.60 Max (MX5)

1851.60 Rob (MX5)

1846.00 Maria (Hot Toddys)

1769.00 Ian (Usain Colt)

1710.80 Richie (Piko)

1677.80 Rex (MX5)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Rob (3/3-763.80) (MX5)

Pete (4/2-726.20) (Lowdown)

Midnight C (4/2-693.60) (Hot Toddys)

Roland (4/2-663.40) (Roughnecks)

Rees (4/2-654.80) (Crazy Horse)

Robert (4/2-557.60) (Lowdown)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Maurice (2/4-1344.20) (Lowdown)

Steve P (2/4-1431.60) (Lowdown)

Punter Pete (2/4-1465.20) (Hot Toddys)

Craig (3/3-1522.20) (MX5)

Blind Squirrel (3/3-1642.20) (Crazy Horse)


TABLE after Round 7

1st 21 Roughnecks $7745.40

2nd 16 MX5 $8312.60

3rd 12 Hot Toddys $6434.00

4th 10 Usain Colt $6119.40

5th 8 Piko $5765.40

6th 8 Lowdown $5372.80

7th 7 Crazy Horse $5798.20

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