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Hey all, just wondering if anyone else has been having this issue.I watching TS thru my laptop and for a short while,not all the time,but whenever i watch a race there will be periods where the coverage will stop for a few seconds,and then carry on for a bit,then stop again etc..occassionally i will get to watch a race or two where that doesn't happen,but when it does it's kinda annoying.I have google chrome which i use regularly and Firefox which i don't use as much,but it still does it on there as well.If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

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13 hours ago, barryb said:

Its almost certainly a computer issue.

do a cntrl-alt-del test to see whats using your memory. It will be leakage from either google or firefox or possibly skype. If you cant fix it from there then try running the free version of this programme to fix issues.


Also would pay to check using the free version of this as well


Anyone of those 3 things should fix the issue

Failing that try this site.




Tried what you suggested Barry,but it didn't seem to improve it.Maybe it's me or i need to upgrade my laptop,tho its only a few years old.The issue even goes to when i watch Sky Sport on my laptop as well.Had to end up by watching the League semi on my phone last night.Thanks for your help tho.

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