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Disqualification for whip over-use?


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This is a step in the right direction - only backhand whip usage and disqualification possible for overuse. 

Backhand whip use only and disqualification to be introduced in new whip rules | Horse Racing News | Racing Post

Backhand whip use only and disqualification to be introduced in new whip rules

The whip: rule changes in Britain are expected to come into force in the autumn
The whip: rule changes in Britain are expected to come into force in the autumn
Edward Whitaker (racingpost.com/photos)
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By Chris Cook, Senior reporterUPDATED 8:00PM, JUL 12 2022

Britain's jockeys will have to make fundamental changes to the way they use the whip within a matter of months following the unexpected news that a review group has decided to ask for a ban on whip use in the forehand position.

It was one of 20 recommendations by the Whip Consultation Steering Group, set up last year, which were published on Tuesday, having already been approved by the BHA's board.

As was suggested by a leak last week, disqualification is to be introduced as the ultimate sanction in cases of extreme breaches of the whip rules, although officials would be delighted if they never have to use that power. It will be available for all races, not just high-profile ones, as was mooted by the leak.

An innovation is the creation of a whip review panel which will take most of the responsibility for enforcement action from raceday stewards. Penalties for breaches are to be increased and will be especially stiff in major races, at double the level set for standard races. Totting-up bans will be triggered by three breaches in a six-month period, rather than five as at present.

The aim is for the recommendations to be incorporated into racing's rules by late autumn but David Jones, a BHA director who chaired the group, was careful to avoid being tied down to a specific date as he addressed a press conference. A detailed implementation plan is to be developed, making time for training of jockeys and stewards and allowing for a bedding-in period before the new rules will be applied in earnest. Jones believes there is nothing to be gained by rushing and more time will be allowed for that process if necessary.

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Wasnt sure where to put this, this thread will do. A survey had been done & NO surprises from me in slightest OVER 80% of general public, who have no interest in horses do NOT want to see the whip used. 

Intertesingly enough the majority of those winthin the industry want to have its continued use. 

Im for whip being renamed encourager or something similar & to be taken out by drivers & jockeys primarilary for safety reasons & can be used slightly only for encouragement. Together with reining on, yelling etc. 

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