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I'd go one step further, and suggest he could well be a top driver in the making. Not just in the junior ranks.

I was super impressed with his win in the last race at Addington last night. 

Drew the widest on the front line, found the 1-1 early on. Moved at precisely the right time to put his horse into the race, but did so in a smooth fashion, not at break neck speed thinking he was driving a freakn Ferrari. Then when he hit the front about 100m out, he didn't panic, he kept his cool, despite his horse starting to run outta gas (not fridge gas, but you know what I mean). At this point he didn't go crazy on the reins or with the whip. He gently nursed his horse along to the line. He drove it to perfection, and if you didn't know any better, one would have thought that was AG Herlihy in the sulky. 

Off the track; a very well spoken and well mannered young man too. 

Looks like he has a very promising future ahead. 

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2 hours ago, far too much said:

gee is this young guy looking like he could be a top junior driver in the making 

How does the young Dalgety compare to him. about 20 wins from 100 drives for Carter seems a great strike rate. Book him first ? seems a gun...

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Havent watched many of his drives, but recall an interview J Teaz did with him at Manawatu. Remember it, as thought what a neat young lad. Will keep an eye on him moving forward re drives. Sounds like he is doing well & getting noticed.

Is M House staying in the game or is he going to galloping? Shame to lose him if so, he keeps Manawatu propped up with his runners. 

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13 hours ago, karrotsishere said:

recall an interview J Teaz did with him at Manawatu. 

Speaking of Teaz, wasnt he planning on leaving Harness to move overseas in future. Another big shame if this eventuates but who can blame him. Iv always been a vocal supporter of his talent re commentating, doing form etc. 

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