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Winter Super Draft Comp Round 3 - Sat July 16 - entries here


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Round 3 - Sat July 16

You need to post two selections for each race listed below with one best bet in NZ and one in Oz. Any scratchings must be replaced by yourself up to one hour before race 1 or by your team Captain up to 30 mins before race 1. After that all selections are locked.

From now on I will be strictly adhering to closing times so Captains stay alert.

It could be a very wet Trentham for Saturday's comp with a couple of big jumps contests sure to keep your heart in your mouth before we head west to Adelaide and then cut back to Sydney with an interesting race from Flemington replete with Melbourne Cup hopefuls.

The Reapers take on the task of bringing those swifty Schitt's Creek fellas back to earth and they look up to it too with the Steve P v Tonka HTH clash looking tasty. Wolf Pack look to put their losing streak to bed but won't find the Ramones easy meat with the Clash of the Captains - Richie v Gordy - looking a beauty. I'm sure the Puppet Masters and Drink! each have aspirations for a higher table spot than they currently occupy but it's highly likely only one side will show improvement come Saturday evening but which will it be ? Another Clash of the Captains sees Ian and Pete separated by less than $1 in aggregate, face off. Meanwhile The Wily Wombats have been digging a very deep burrow all week trying to locate More Moet's cellar below the basement with the latter outfit due to bounce back at short notice. Heaven help us if they all fire at once.

N.B. Any races abandoned on Saturday will be replaced by the same number of races from Pakenham on Sunday - it's an all jump races card: Winter racing at it's best !


Selections Close off at 11.46am (NZ time)

Races are:

1. Trentham R4 - 12.46pm - Hydra Cell Wellington Hurdles (PJR) - $75k, 3400m, open hdl

2. Trentham R6 - 1.56pm - Printlink 1200 - $35k, 1200m, open hdcp

3. Trentham R7 - 2.27pm - Grant Plumbing Wellington Steeplechase (PJR) - $75k, 5500m, open stpl

4. Trentham R8 - 3.03pm - Jennian Homes 2200 - $30k, 2200m, R74 BM

5. Trentham R9 - 3.38pm - Woodridge Homes Whyte Hdcp - $40k, 1600m, open hdcp

6. Morphettville R5 - 4.32pm - Charles Melton Wines Oaklands Plate (LR) - $107k, 1400m, 2yos SW+Ps

7. Rosehill R8 - 5.20pm - TAB Hdcp - $150k, 1800m, 3yos & 4yos BM 78 hdcp

8. Flemington R7 - 5.40pm - VRC Members Hdcp - $130k, 2000m, hdcp

9. Rosehill R9 - 6.00pm - China Horse Club Hdcp - $150k, 1400m, fillies/mares BM78 hdcp

10. Rosehill R10 - 6.40pm - FAB Industrial Logistics Hdcp - $150k, 1100m, BM 78 hdcp


Schitt's Creek (1st) vs Reapers (3rd)

Steve P (2/0-497.00/141.60) v Tonka (2/0-652.00/461.00)

Lightning Blue (1/1-79.60/265.80) v No1 Plumber (2/0-502.60/227.40)

Our Maizcay (2/0-506.40/453.80) v Heather (1/1-380.20/337.60)

Howie (2/0-315.60/133.00) v Hesi (1/1-257.80/330.60)

Graeme (1/1-454.80/346.20) v Smiler (0/2-238.00/402.00)


Ramones (2nd) vs Wolf Pack (7th)

Richie (2/0-312.60/134.00) v Gordy (1/1-371.00/387.00)

Tom (1/1-138.40/333.00) v Stevie N (2/0-455.00/415.00)

Gary (1/1-388.00/349.40) v Pam (0/2-261.00/418.60)

Moose (2/0-804.60/269.00) v Wrinkles (0/2-156.00/400.60)

Porky (1/1-667.60/485.60) v Jack (0/2-235.60/453.80)


Puppet Masters (4th) vs Drink! (6th)

Ray (0/2-220.40/409.60) v Blind Squirrel (1/1-201.00/376.40)

Ian (1/1-393.00/303.80) v Pete (1/1-392.20/414.60)

Ziggy (1/1-672.20/676.00) v Maurice (1/1-240.00/308.40)

Midnight Caller (1/1-516.40/213.20) v Sharne (1/1-357.40/222.40)

Roland (2/0-344.60/85.00) v Punter Pete (1/1-386.00/417.00)


Wily Wombats (5th) vs More Moet (8th)

Tassie Tiger (1/1-470.40/552.20) v Rex (0/2-512.40/786.60)

Gospel of Judas (1/1-363.00/542.00) v Max (0/2-15.00/629.60)

PJ (2/0-415.00/115.00) v Gee (0/2-402.80/581.40)

Rees (1/1-186.00/158.00) v Jen (0/2-25.60/318.00)

Secret Squirrel (0/2-369.00/471.20) v Rob (1/1-350.80/181.60)



804.60 Moose (Ramones) (2/0)

672.20 Ziggy (PuppetMasters) (1/1)

667.60 Porky (Ramones) (1/1)

652.00 Tonkatime (Reapers) (2/0)

516.40 Midnight Caller (Puppet Masters) (1/1)

512.40 Rex  (More Moet) (0/2)

506.40 Our Maizcay (Schitt's Creek) (2/0)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Rees (1/1-158.00) (Wily Wombats)

Steve P (2/0-141.60) (Schitt's Creek)

Richie (2/0-134.00) (Ramones)

Howie (2/0-133.00) (Schitt's Creek)

PJ (2/0-115.00) (Wily Wombats)

Roland (2/0-85.00) (Puppet Masters)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Tassie Tiger (1/1-552.20) (Wily Wombats)

Gee (0/2-581.40) (More Moet)

Max (0/2-629.60) (More Moet)

Ziggy (1/1-676.00) (Puppet Masters)

Rex (0/2-786.60) (More Moet)


The Table after ROUND 2

1st 12 Schitt's Creek ^ $1853.40

2nd 5 Ramones $2311.20

3rd 4 Reapers $2030.60 

4th 3 Puppet Masters $2147.60

5th 2 Wily Wombats $1801.40

6th 2 Drink! $1576.60

7th 0 Wolf Pack $1478.60

8th -1 More Moet^ $1306.60

^ Triple Joker played

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