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Max has secured a 7-day leave pass for Cup Week in Oz ...(OK so Mrs W was pist to beat the band when she agreed to Maxi's wild idea during the posy-Comp Moet to the Max party on Sat nite ..she must learn to take responsibility for her actions, sober and otherwise ..amd Maxi's cunning plan was to say "Can I go to Flemington?" not "Can we go ..)

So ...

Any advice from you very experienced racegoers on arrangements eg tickets/value for money - they are very pricey - Hill Stand Reserved Seat about $160-190 on Derby Day and twice as much on Cup Day). And best accommodation ideas - 



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25 minutes ago, Maximus said:


Any advice from you very experienced racegoers on arrangements eg tickets/value for money - they are very pricey - Hill Stand Reserved Seat about $160-190 on Derby Day and twice as much on Cup Day). And best accommodation ideas - 



I’m in the Hill stand oaks day, if you’re there come and say gidday.

VC would like to shout you a Moët or two, two members of the winning magpies team will be there I’ll introduce you to the other one

Best person for advice about Flemington and accommodations would be Mardigras


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Hey Maxi, a lot of it at the track will come down to what you like to do whilst there. 

So things like

- are you with a group

- do you like being in amongst the horses

- do you want to see the races in close proximity or with a better view

- do you want to spend time in and around the track locations

If you are by yourself or in quite a small group, the stand may be the best option. If you like seeing the horses running past you with access to the parade areas, a general admission could easily work etc. Views of the unfolding of the race are better from the stand.

In a group, if you are going general admission, get there early (i,e first or second train if going by train), and take some items (ground cover/chairs/esky) to secure a place. I have a permanent spot which I've had for over 20 years, but I won't be there this year. We would be around 30 metres left of the clocktower, on the fence, and no one would get in front of us - even for the Melbourne Cup where they will all try to do so. We preferred that side as the pathway leading back from the track, is more invasive on viewing as is wider for the horses returning to the infield imo. 

Value for money for me is always with general admission. But I was always wanting to be as close to the horses as possible. I've had times where the clods of turf have hit me when they run the straight races and I'm looking the horses in the eye! It's busy, so if you don't have a good place to 'be', then general admission can feel a little 'lost', and also can be difficult to actually watch the races and see the horses.

Accommodation - again depends on numbers. If a group, I would typically book a house in a suburb like Seddon or Yarraville near the train stations. Depending on what you want to do after the races, a little north and northwest of the city are probably the best. (By that I mean in and around North Melbourne / Seddon / Yarraville / or Parkville on the eastern side of the venue). If training in/out, you can access the train through North Melbourne station and get off earlier rather than the sardine sandwich to the city. If not training, you can pretty much stay anywhere, and the city is good for events/lifestyle in and around the race days.

If you plan on being in the city after the days racing, then a place handier to the city would be my pick. I always went as part of a group, so was always looking for an apartment or an entire house (when I wasn't living there).

if you're hoteling it, then I like the hotels around Southbank - a lot of evening options and good vibe. Also, some apartments around there (also good option for a smaller group) if you want a better stay with in-house amenities. All comes down to what you like. Prices go up for that week with a lot of accom providers, so if trying to get an apartment, might be pricey.

Also, last day is becoming one of the best, and with the new races that day, might just about be the best - whereas Derby Day has always been my favourite in the past.

Just my thoughts.

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