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Queen Elizabeth II


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Notwithstanding her many other roles in life, she, as many will be aware, was a skilled rider from a young age, so knew and loved horses, and raced and bred many thoroughbreds.  She raced winners of all the 5 classics, except the Derby, where Aureole the winner of 11 from 14, could only run second.  Aureole went on to become a champion sire, whose bloodlines populate many of today's thoroughbred breeding



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1 hour ago, Maximus said:

Max calls it the way it is, Hesi.

You cannot deny that various Royals in the Windsor branch have not followed Her Majesty's wonderful example in their personal lives...

Best to debate  that subject another day, perhaps.

Max simply wanted to make it clear that he doth not view British Royalty through the rose-tinted lens(es) of the most ardent monarchists.


A spade a spade you mean lol

Putting another angle on it, without doubt, the love story of the last 100 years.  What a fabulous life they must have had sailing the world on Britannica.  How quickly she went downhill, in only 21 months after Phillip died, says it all.  Whether you believe in royalty or not, it is a fabulous story

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41 minutes ago, Maximus said:

Max notes that it hasn't taken long for the media to pounce on the idea of another 'bank holiday'  - in Godzone for the Queen's funeral in 10 days time.

I expect the Nats and ACT politicos will be all for it (for good reason. It's called RESPECT); and the PM too (as it will endear her further to the unproductive wastrels living off the breastmilk of Nanny State (who will be voting in about 1 year's time);

Twill be interesting to establish the views on this from the likes of Willie Jackson and the wider Labour Carcase; and the Greenies and Te Pati Maori, and anyone else who's not normally a Royalist/Monarchist ... I expect all the Republicans and anti-colonialists will jump at the chance of another day off on account of the demise of Her Majesty The Queen. 


The so called anti colonists e.g. Mahuta and Peeni Henare(Minister of Defence) are the first ones all in to support the "mother country" England with help for Ukraine. 

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