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Spring NPC Super Comp Round 6 - Sat Oct 15 - selection thread


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Round 6 - Sat Oct 15

Getting down to the pointy end of the Round Robin now with the penultimate round. The dominant Chiefs take on the Ferdies who are looking to stay in the top 4 but face a tough task. Each have a Joker still to play.

The Swampies and Turbos occupy the other two top 4 slots and look evenly matched so that's sure to be a close one. The loser will quite possibly be under some pressure in the final round.

The last two matches all feature sides outside the finals berths with the Highlanders, armed with both Jokers at this late stage, desperate for a big result against the Kauri Kats who still have their own regular Joker to play.

Meanwhile rather unexpectedly, the Magpies and Blues find themselves outside the finals slots in a match which a loss could mean a tall task in the final round or even no chance at all.

Sure to be plenty of study this week. Everyone has individually tasted success and defeat so far but the clash of the round looks to be the all-Magnificent Seven showdown between Maria and Gary.

Lastly I know Gee calls himself "the King", but he has clearly intimidated all his opponents thus far with an average of just $50/round scored against him. Heather, I'm holding your wine. Go to work young lady !


Selections Close off at 1.05 p.m. (NZ time)

Races are:

1. Hastings R4 - 2.05pm - Hastings - Heart of the Hawke's Bay Premier - $60k, 1400m, MAAT

2. Hastings R5 - 2.40pm - Tumu Group Premier - $60k, 1400m, R65 BM

3. Hastings R6 - 3.16pm - Red Badge Spring Sprint (Gr3) - $100k, 1400m, open hdcp

4. Hastings R7 - 3.51pm - Dan Desposito Memorial Premier - $60k, 1600m, R75 BM

5. Hastings R8 - 4.26pm - Livamol Classic (Gr1) - $330k, 2040m, WFA

6. Randwick R5 - 4.50pm - The Kosciuszko - $2m, 1200m, SW+Ps

7. Caulfield R7 - 5.45pm - The McCafe Sprint (Gr2) - $300k, 1000m, hdcp

8. Randwick R7 - 6.15pm - The TAB Everest - $15m, 1200m, WFA

9. Randwick R8 - 6.50pm - Silver Eagle - $1m, 1300m, 4yos SW+Ps

10. Caulfield R9 - 7.15pm - Carlton Draught Caulfield Cup (Gr1) - $5m, 2400m, hdcp


No alternative meetings this week. The forecast looks good enough for all venues. If Randwick or Caulfield fold then we can go Geelong Cup on Wednesday.


Ferdies (4th) vs Chiefs (1st)

Maurice (2/3-1264.00/1651.00) v Tassie Tiger (4/1-1575.80/757.00)

Tom (4/1-995.00/1242.60) v Robert (4/1-2115.00/1366.20)

Heather (2/3-1191.00/996.80) v Gee (4/1-960.60/251.00)

PJ (3/2-1107.00/1146.60) v Lightning Blue (3/2-1343.80/1316.80)

Zac (2/3-1319.20/1086.80) v Jack (2/3-897.00/1498.80)


Swamp Foxes (3rd) vs Turbos (2nd)

Punter Pete (2/3-929.20/1224.40) v Steve P (2/3-1043.40/1349.40)

Jamison (3/2-965.20/644.80) v Ray (3/2-1864.20/920.20)

Rees (3/2-1836.00/1837.60) v Ziggy (3/2-1400.40/1070.00)

Our Maizcay (3/2-809.60/519.00) v Blind Squirrel (2/3-1435.40/1620.00)

Maria (3/2-2044.00/965.60) v Gary (2/3-1935.20/2562.00)


Kauri Kats (5th) vs Highlanders (8th)

Pam (3/2-1605.00/859.80) v Midnight Caller (2/3-776.00/917.80)

Graeme (3/2-2122.40/675.00) v Rex (2/3-1115.80/903.00)

Sharne (1/4-856.40/1609.00) v Rob (1/4-1030.20/2975.00)

Max (2/3-856.20/2091.60) v Craig (2/3-1668.40/1165.20)

Jen (2/3-563.00/1337.80) v Hesi (1/4-1941.40/1869.00)


Magpies (7th) vs Blues (6th)

Secret Squirrel (2/3-1095.60/1441.60) v Smiler (3/2-1536.40/1258.80)

Stevie N (2/3-666.80/898.60) v Pete (1/4-1034.00/1766.80)

Richie (4/1-906.20/769.00) v Roland (4/1-1946.20/1020.00)

Ian (3/2-1018.80/1061.40) v Gordy (2/3-641.80/1048.00)

Jason (2/3-762.80/525.00)  v Moose (2/3-755.40/1086.20)



2122.40 Graeme (Kauri Kats) (3/2)

2115.00 Robert (Chiefs) (4/1)

2044.00 Maria (Swamp Foxes) (3/2)

1946.20 Roland (Blues) (4/1)

1941.40 Hesi (Highlanders) (1/4)

1935.20 Gary (Turbos) (2/3)

1864.20 Ray (Turbos) (3/2)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Tassie Tiger (4/1-757.00) (Chiefs)

Graeme (3/2-675.00) (Kauri Kats)

Jamison (3/2-644.80) (Swamp Foxes)

Jason (2/3-525.00) (Magpies)

Our Maizcay (3/2-519.00) (Swamp Foxes)

Gee (4/1-251.00) (Chiefs)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Rees (3/2-1837.60) (Blues)

Hesi (1/4-1869.00) (Highlanders)

Max (2/3-2091.60) (Kauri Kats)

Gary (2/3-2562.00) (Turbos)

Rob (1/4-2975.00) (Highlanders)



1st 23 Chiefs^ $6892.20

2nd 15 Turbos^* $7579.00

3rd 15 Swamp Foxes^ $6564.80

4th 15 Ferdies^ $5717.60


5th 11 Kauri Kats^ $6003.00

6th 11 Blues*^ $5913.80

7th 7 Magpies^ $4450.20

8th 6 Highlanders $6331.00

^ Triple Joker played

* Regular Joker play


FYI - Round 7 Draw - Sat Oct 22

Ferdies v Swamp Foxes

Kauri Kats v Blues

Turbos v Magpies

Chiefs v Highlanders

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