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Spring NPC Super Comp Championship Grand Finals Day- Sat Nov 5


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This is it ! The big one ! The Grand Final !

The Turbos and Kauri Kats made their way into the Finals with 3rd & 4th placings respectively but now, after last week's successful exertions, find themselves facing off in the Grand Final.

Less than $103 separates Magnificent Seven titans Graeme and Gary on aggregate so that's sure to be an epic clash, too close to call. Sharne is a big match player who usually rises to the occasion but a cunning form follower in Gary has managed more HTH wins - 6 - than any other GF competitor. That's anyone's guess who comes out on top. Jen came into form last week, peaking at just the right time but Steve often does just enough to get his nose in front at the line like the wily campaigner he is. Another too close to call.

We had to call in the SPCA last time Blind Squirrel took on Pam but can the canny Captain turn matters around where it matters in the GF ? And then there's Max and Ray, a couple of crafty characters always looking outside the square to surprise their opponent. One of them is bound to have a cunning plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and .....

In the other 3 matches on GF day, The Chiefs and Swamp Foxes - both surprise Semi-Final losers last week - look to bounce back and stand on the podium to claim the bronze. Less than $2 separated them last time they met with the Waikato mob edging the win. The Battle of Morrinsville is always a fierce encounter and hard to predict. Your guess is as good as mine but Magnificent Seven behemoths Robert and Rees scored over $1500 between them last time so that one is sure to be a hot encounter.

The Ferdies and Blues have both seen better days but look to reclaim some former glories when they come together in the Presidents Final. The 'Naki crew steamrollered the Jaffas last time so the Auks will be out for some serious utu this time around. Pete will be looking for revenge over the scorer after going down to PJ in Rnd 4 while Heather's mauling of Moose was the season highlight for her as she looks to find that form once again.

Lastly but but not leastly ,THE WOODEN SPOON clash, which should generate as much interest as the GF.

How did this happen ?? These two sides finished 1-2 in the previous NPC Autumn Comp and yet here they are - tailend Charlies this time. The Magpies - up among the leaders early in the comp - and the Highlanders, a franchise stacked with battle-hardened pros, have ended up in the Wooden Spoon scrap. Quite unbelievable !

Only one side can come away without too much egg dribbling off their chin but which one will it be. Secret Squirrel and Hesi had an epic encounter last time (Hesi getting the better after $1352 between them) while Craig and Richie who have met countless times before resume their ancient rivalry. Both Ian and Rob are well overdue for a big one but who will be feeling the pain come Saturday night ?  Last time these two sides met the Otago lads scored more dollars but still went down to the pesky 'Pies. An intriguing clash for sure...

My tips: Turbos, Chiefs, Ferdies, Highlanders

Sydney weather forecast looks dodgy for Fri/Sat so gave the Parramatta Swamp (Rosehill) a miss. Simple stuff - just the two meetings. The usual North vs South quandaries at Riccarton which lately seems to generate only two kinds of winners - hot faves or friendless wuffies ! Then across the ditch to some serious quality horseflesh on display for Grand Final day - how fitting ? The final comp race - surely to be the decider is stacked to the brim with form with any of 16 runners having a winning claim. It will be a charge of the light brigade down the straight 5.5 at Flemington. The team that comes out on top after that one will truly have earned the Champions tag. Good luck everyone.

Selections Close off at 12.05 p.m. (NZ time)

Races are:

1. Riccarton R3 - 1.05pm - One Good Horse at Avonhead Tavern Premier - $50k, 1200m, R65 BM

2. Riccarton R5 - 2.15pm - Donaldson Brown Pegasus Stks (LR) - $80k, 1000m, open hdcp

3. Riccarton R6 - 2.49pm - Scenic Circle Group Premier - $50k, 2000m, R75 BM

4. Riccarton R7 - 3.24pm - Nautical Boat Insurance Metropolitan Trophy (LR) - $100k, 2500m, open hdcp

5. Riccarton R9 - 4.39pm - Al Basti Equiworld 50th NZ 2000 Guineas (Gr1) - $550k, 1600m, 3yos SWs

6. Flemington R5 - 5.10pm - TAB Matriarch Stks (Gr2) - $300k, 2000m, mares SW+Ps

7. Flemington R6 - 5.50pm - Darley Champions Sprint (Gr1) - $3m, 1200m, WFA

8. Flemington R7 - 6.30pm - Kennedy Champions Mile (Gr1) - $3m, 1600m, WFA

9. Flemington R8 - 7.10pm - TAB Champions Stks (Gr1) - $3m, 2000m,  WFA

10. Flemington R9 - 7.50pm - World Horse Racing Grand Hdcp - $150k, 1100m, BM 80 hdcp



Kauri Kats vs Turbos

Sharne (4/4-1906.00/2015.40) v Ziggy (6/2-2083.60/1566.40)

Graeme (4/4-2881.40/1678.20) v Gary (5/3-2984.20/3353.60)

Max (5/3-1744.80/2434.00) v Ray (4/4-2481.80/1427.00)

Jen (3/5-1076.00/2134.40) v Steve P (5/3-1662.80/1783.40)

Pam (5/3-2412.60/1546.80) v Blind Squirrel (2/6-1958.20/2772.20)



Chiefs vs Swamp Foxes

Robert (6/2-2973.60/1981.20) v Rees (5/3-2656.00/2287.00)

Tassie Tiger (5/3-1842.40/1319.60) v Punter Pete (3/5-1724.60/1817.40)

Gee (5/3-1343.60/1052.60) v Maria (4/4-2946.40/2126.00)

Jack (3/5-1919.40/2559.60) v Jamison (5/3-1727.20/1073.80)

Lightning Blue (4/4-1825.20/2063.40) v Our Maizcay (5/3-1650.40/1313.00)



Ferdies vs Blues

Tom (6/2-1367.00/1832.40) v Gordy (5/3-1634.40/1691.80)

Zac (4/4-2335.20/1711.40) v Smiler (4/4-2115.60/1951.80)

Maurice (4/4-2121.40/2239.40) v Roland (4/4-2359.00/1564.00)

PJ (4/4-1766.20/1941.40) v Pete (3/5-1584.60/2070.80)

Heather (2/6-1634.40/2151.80) v Moose (4/4-1386.20/1596.40)



Magpies vs Highlanders

Richie (6/2-1669.20/1599.40) v Craig (3/5-1919.40/1940.60)

Ian (4/4-1638.40/1681.20) v Rob (1/7-1410.20/3910.00)

Stevie N (3/5-1086.00/1681.60) v Midnight Caller (3/5-1535.60/1430.40)

Secret Squirrel (2/6-1522.60/2220.40) v Hesi (3/5-2438.00/2089.00)

Jason (4/4-1434.00/851.40) v Rex (3/5-2008.60/1734.20)



2984.20 Gary (Turbos) (5/3)

2973.60 Robert (Chiefs) (6/2)

2946.40 Maria (Swamp Foxes) (4/4)

2881.40 Graeme (Kauri Kats) (4/4)

2656.00 Rees (Swamp Foxes)

2481.80 Ray (Turbos) (4/4)

2438.00 Hesi (Highlanders) (3/5)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Ray (4/4-1427.00) (Turbos)

Tassie Tiger (5/3-1319.60) (Chiefs)

Our Maizcay (5/3-1313.00) (Swamp Foxes)

Jamison (5/3-1073.80) (Swamp Foxes)

Gee (5/3-1052.60) (Chiefs)

Jason (4/4-851.40) (Magpies)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Max (5/3-2434.00) (Kauri Kats)

Jack (3/5-2559.60) (Chiefs)

Blind Squirrel (2/6-2772.20) (Turbos)

Gary (5/3-3353.60) (Turbos)

Rob (1/7-3910.00) (Highlanders)




2 Kauri Kats


1 point


3 Turbos


3 points


151 Jen

660 Ziggy


839.60 Graeme

65.60 Steve P


212.20 Max

1146.60 Gary


133 Sharne

572.60 Ray


386.60 Pam

102.60 Blind Squirrel



3 Chiefs


3 points


2 Swamp Foxes


1 point

131 Tassie Tiger

247 Maria


185.80 Jack

182.80 Our Maizcay


441.60 Lightning Blue

85 Punter Pete


577.80 Robert

968.40 Rees


172 Gee

23 Jamison



4 Ferdies*** (7th)


3 (x 3 Triple Joker play) = 9 points


1 Blues (6th)


0 points


92.80 Maurice

351 Smiler


473.40 Heather

0 Moose


213.80 Tom 

49 Roland


157.80 PJ

100 Pete


167 Zac

130.80 Gordy



3 Magpies (6th)


2 points

2 Highlanders (7th)


2 points


402.60 Secret Squirrel

950.20 Hesi


189 Ian

168 Midnight Caller


169 Jason

35 Rob


191 Richie

147 Craig


233 Stevie N

329.60 Rex

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