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Tour de Australasia Comp - everyone welcome to play


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Between now and Christmas there will be an INDIVIDUAL comp spread across NZ and Oz. TWO meetings a week - a midweek round and a Saturday round each week. Each round will comprise 5 races from each jurisdiction.

10 races each round. One selection per race. $10 each way bet. Points will be awarded for the top 10 finishers each round. Just before race one all competitors will be matched with a Head-To-Head opponent. Beating your opponent will give you an extra 5 points.  

 Kicks off next Saturday Nov 12


1. Players. It's an individual comp. If you miss a round just join in for the next one.

2. Draw. Just before each round commences I will draw each competitor against another. If you defeat your opponent in a head-to-head you will receive 5 points in addition to any points you may accrue for a Top 10 finish. If there is an uneven number of competitors for that round then the last poster will not be matched against anyone else but can achieve 5 points if they achieve a profit (higher than $240 total) for that round. So post early and avoid this scenario.

3. Selections/Closing time. Competitors are required to select ONE runner per race. No subs are to be posted. All selections should be posted at the same time although I may make allowances if this is not possible due to late arrival for posting. The comp will close so the draw can be made 10 minutes before the first comp race. If you post after the draw you will have to make a profit score to achieve 5 points.

4. Scratching Rule. You may post replacements for any scratching by making a new post clearly indicating your replacement selection(s). This may now be done any time up until 30 minutes before the first race which I will refer to as CLOSING TIME.   After this point ALL selections are LOCKED IN. Scratchings will then go to the TAB sub if not replaced prior to closing time.

5. Investments. Each selection will be regarded as an imaginary $10 each-way bet. The races will usually be split 50/50 between NZ and Australia. 

6. Best Bet. Each selector may choose one race in each country as a "best bet" selection. All $$$ earned from these races will be doubled. In the event of scratchings the same best bet (BB) will apply. There will be no transference to a subsequent race. If your best bet race is abandoned - bad luck !@

8. Countback. If a head-to-head contest is a tie on $$$ earned,+ then a countback will determine the winner by awarding victory to the player who uniquely selected the highest placed horse in the final event. In other words if you both selected the same horse that cancels itself out. If the selections are the same for the final event then the same parameter will apply to the penultimate race and so on.

9. Points. Players will be awarded points as follows:

1st: 20

2nd: 17

3rd: 14

4th: 11

5th: 9

6th: 7

7th: 5

8th: 3

9th: 2

10th: 1


10. Posting. Please post your selections by number (names are optional and unnecessary). If you post replacements for scratched horses then do so in a new post rather than edit your original. DO NOT POST SUBS IN BRACKETS WITH YOUR SELECTIONS.

Any questions please ask.



Sat Nov 12: Riccarton, Newcastle

Wed Nov 16: Ascot Park, Sandown

Sat Nov 19: Pukekohe, Ballarat

Thu Nov 24: Otaki, Wyong

Sat Nov 26: Te Rapa, Caulfield

Wed Nov 30: Rotorua, Launceston

Sat Dec 3: Trentham, Doomben

Fri Dec 9: Tauranga, Doomben

Sat Dec 10: Te Rapa, Randwick

Wed Dec 14: Ruakaka, Wyong

Sat Dec 17: Awapuni, Eagle Farm

Wed Dec 21: Ashburton, Warwick Farm

Sat Dec 24: New Plymouth, Doomben


2021 Final Table

111 Rex - Champion

105 Steve P

101 Jack

100 Ian

98 Sharne

95 Ziggy

94 Craig

87 Tom

84 Stevie N

82 Secret Squirrel

82 Pam

80 Winfreux

72 Hesi

70 Richie

69 Geoff

68 Maurice

67 Rusty

63 Lightning Blue

63 Wrinkles

62 Graeme


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