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NZ's 'Justice System' is just pathetic ...


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While murderers and rapists, predators in general and drug-addled layabouts in general get the kid gloves treatment, shop owners who don't comply with the Food Act (shock! horror!) go to jail. 

Is it any wonder the good citizens of this country feel rebellious?



Cafe owner jailed over selling food while not registered | RNZ News

AKaikōura cafe owner and former mayoral candidate has been jailed for two months for refusing to comply with food safety regulations.

Bean Me Up owner Sharon Rayner faced charges, brought by the Kaikōura District Council, for knowingly selling non-complying food and failing to comply with a notice of direction under the Food Act 2014.

The maximum penalty for the charges was two years' imprisonment and a $100,000 fine.
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7 minutes ago, Hesi said:

She only got jail time because she had refused to pay a fine on a previous indiscretion, therefore there was no point issuing further fines

duh....so how come Community Service is inappropriate for this kind of offence but murderers and rapists and serial offenders of different kinds  stay outta jail or get outta jail early.

What about the white-collar crim Mark Benjamin, fraudster from about 10-12 years ago, does it again, gets found out - again - and gets stay at home in the comfort of his $2M Auckland pad?

Only a dum-ass Gummit would seek to impose heftier fines and disqualification terms for offences like Driving While Disqualified...don't they understand that these people are not deterred by rules and regulations and fines, they are likely to reoffend. The only thing that deters 'em is JAIL ie LOSS OF FREEDOM.


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