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Just another day in Hamilton

ngakonui grass

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After visiting Starbucks this morning ,my boss and i headed to Angelsea Street Countdown for a few supplies.As we pulled into the drive we witnessed a trolley load of groceries fly out the door being pushed by an unsavoury looking prick.He proceeded to throw the groceries into the back of a waiting car and depart at speed.Meanwhile Countdown staff were filming the  incident.

its official,Hamilton is becoming, if not already a f.....g hole where just going out for a walk is becoming dangerous.


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Ha, I used to live in Angelsea St with several other youngish men, a boarding house, when I was working for NZCDC(now Fonterra).

Every night, we got boiled marrow for dinner.  When the owner, a grouchy older lady went back into the kitchen, there was a mad rush for the window and the marrow went flying.

By the way, Hamilton has always been a bit dodgy

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No, but I am not judgmental about it.

I knew a guy well at university, who has since passed away, a lovely harmless chap.  He called everyone a big homo, just his way, never meant anything offensive to people, just his way as I said.  Can't get away with that today

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16 minutes ago, barryb said:

I am more concerned that you were visiting Starbucks, yuk. I hate supporting American brands of mass production like that, also there are about 20 nicer cafes in Hamilton than that.

Sugar Bowl Maeora, Cinnamon in St Andrews, Hayes Common, Grey St Kitchen, Cream in the city,  to name a few.

I order a flat white with 0ne shot and Starbucks have delivered a consistent coffee where as in other coffee shops i have found that hard to get thats not to say there aren't others around just as good but even the atmosphere at Starbucks suits the boss and i.

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