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Seems a bit out dated. Dont think Iv seen any in North America. 

Understand some people in NZ still like them which is fine.

Anyways still snoppying around online ha & watching the odd race replay. Cast my eye over this. 

Noticed a favourite 75 lenghts last yikes. Figured must of botched the start or broke during running. 

After watching not so sure it got a fair start? 

Cant recall rules what deems an unfair start, where runners get scratched? The horse inside it swung right infront of it just prior release as per stripes report, but then seems odd no mention of interference to it Nelsons Boy. Thoughts? Or rules? Or is this just normal now?


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17 hours ago, karrotsishere said:

After watching not so sure it got a fair start? 

I think it did. Inconvenient but fair enough. If they late scratched it, there wouldn't be many horses left in some races.

It is not ideal but just the way it is.

I have finally learnt not to expect much in the way of fairness in harness racing. The amount of trainers who only get warned or slapped with a 50 dollar fine for presenting horses with different gear at race time annoys me. Shouldn't that be normal practice to turn up with the correct gear?

I congratulate the stipes for giving 10 years to Burrows but the little things on race day need to be tidied up and I think trainers and drivers need to lift their standards.

That crossing at Oamaru is another thing that must turn punters off. Most punters I know don't mind losing but messy starts, crossings, receiving interference from poorly behaved horses is enough to drive some away, especially having a big bet.

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On 2/5/2023 at 4:12 PM, karrotsishere said:

Cant recall rules what deems an unfair start, where runners get scratched?

There are an atrocious amount of examples every year . seems especially a disservice to the sport when so many heavily supported runners are pacing or trotting along Way back behind the field.

If you have say A galloping bloke at the pub with his mates having a flutter and backs these horses 'Not In The Contest' galloping out of it at the start, they'll instantly hate Harness racing, and just be backing overseas gallops( or the like)  instead.

The 'Bay Of Plenty Cup' at Cambridge , the feature race last night, had the Favourite on the tote CHIMICHURRI of Telfer/Cullen stable trying to pace in his hopple shorteners just after the start , but He just couldn't do it. So very sadly, finished 100m out the back. Absolutely disappointing for everyone. (esp large amount of Punters) not myself as I am aware of the Standing Start incidents so tend to dodge those races (except the Nz Cup ) 

Seems so rediculous when you have a perfectly good Mobile Barrier Car parked against the fence.  and damaging for the sport of harness racing in these times of chasing the punting dollar to survive

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