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NRL Supercoach Draft competition


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Some of you may have played this before but if you haven't it's fairly simple - a lot like Super Comp Draft really.

At an appointed time and date - in this case Tuesday night (21st Feb) 8.00pm NZ time, we all go on line at the same time and take part in the draft. The "snake" order is determined by Supercoach. Each competitor chooses a player for their team and then the next competitor gets a turn.

I have structured this for just 6 competitors so you will be able to assemble a pretty shit hot team. You need to select 13 players in regular starting positions plus 4 subs (they can be for whatever positions you like). It starts Round 1 and runs to Round 24 followed by a Finals Series for the top 4 teams over the last 3 rounds.

During the season you can buy any player not owned by someone else or even trade players from team to team.

Any questions please ask. It's a private league . Feel free to invite anyone who might be interested.


- once you get to the Supercoach NRL page:


look for the "Draft" tab, right next to the "Classic" tab

Then click on the "Switch/Join League" Button and look for the "Join A League" option and enter the code above

League Code 216823

If more want to join I can increase the size of the league.

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You can now apply to swap players if you want to fine-tune your team.

Just go to the "My Team" tab and then select the player you want to trade out by clicking the red "T" next to his name. All the available players will appear on the right

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