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18 hours ago, pete said:

What a fucking legend.

And what a bloody travesty that you could only see it on Spark Sports.


yes disappointing when the garbage hit 'n giggle supersmash is on for endless hours ...but Max happens to have kept Spark Sport on til the end of the summer and was duly rewarded...so many fab moments and ironies amid a classic Test...glad we were on the right side of history today..two weeks ago we were getting smashed by Gabrielle, at last we have a memory to savour forever in The Summer That Never Was ...

ironies ...include the Williamson 'feather' that began the collapse..matched by the Anderson feather that ended it all... Bracewell's lazy running run-out matched by his runout of Brook ..Wagner getting sweet revenge from the bollocking at Bay Oval...sigh


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Absolutely superb test match, of which I got to watch zero minutes

NZC, Spark and Sky should be all taken out the back and shot, for the way they have allowed this non broadcast fiasco to happen, and the damage it has done to the public interest in NZ cricket.

One of the most remarkable games of test cricket ever, showing the great fighting qualities of NZ cricket, as opposed to what can so often happen in this type of match, one side capitulates under pressure.

And only a handful of people got to watch it.  Shame on you NZC.

And agree with you Maxi on the T20, boring and predictable with very few scenarios

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agree with all that ....

anyone else feel it's such a pity that this fairytale finale was not called by Smithy? 
In a league of his own among cricket callers, IMO ..no disrespect to David Gower and Shane Bond, Rigger,all very good
...the rest are very average, IMO ...the likes of Sumo/Nigel Yellatem/Craig ('what a shot that is') Macca...

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Wash your mouth out with soap Maxi, Gower, Nasser Hussain and Mike Atherton are miles more interesting to listen to than Smithy.  It was his birthday yesterday, so what a treat for him to see his team win.  A team he was a member of when it was the best NZ team ever

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