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The Megapolytech(oops, not allowed to call it that anymore) chief executive has sent a 30 page memo to all staff at the 16 polytechs under its control, regarding the organisations written and verbal communications.

This is not policy, he stated , but purely  guidelines (Yeah right).   So under the "guidelines "  the words "student" and "trainee" are discouraged and should be replaced with "akonga" or learner.  The words "employee" and "staff" are also discouraged and should be replaced with "kaimahi", "colleagues, "work friends ", "whanau", or 'te pukenmga".

"Husband "and "wife" are out and replaced with spouse or partner.   Machine-made, artificial, or synthetic replaces "manmade".

Here's a real doozy:  Treaty of Waitangi is gone and now referred to as Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

The chief executive in an interview said, and I quote " There has been no complaints and comments from the staff have been positive".

Ummmm, I thought you weren't allowed to to say "staff "anymore.

The Lunacy continues

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It is why you only want to live for 80 years or so, any longer than that and the bullshit that goes on, just gets to you too much

Chairman becoming chairperson an example.  If you look up the derivation of the word chairman, it means hand of the chair, nothing to do with masculinity.  I wonder if thePC fuckwits ever bothered to do their homework

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