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Razor survives the Final Cut


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The first cut is the deepest, great song

Regardless of the relative successes of the various contenders, they had to appoint Robertson, for the sake of NZ rugby.

With dwindling numbers, the game needed a spark, which he brings

Also online polls consistently show support for Robertson in the low to mid 80%, which is unheard of.

Many people will now get behind the game, a renaissance so to speak, and hopefully it can be a case of what Baz did to English cricket.

From what I have read, he is a great people manager

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11 hours ago, Hesi said:

Many people will now get behind the game, a renaissance so to speak,


You sure?

Not me, I have lost complete interest in it, couldn't even tell you the AB's captain.

Feb - Nov of wall to wall rugby is farking tiresome, super Rugby is a joke & a borefest.

For Hurricanes & Chiefs supporters its hardly a surprise considering how many times we have been aligned with different regions.

Chiefs have had, North Harbour, Northland, Counties, Taranaki, BOP, its no wonder virtually no one goes along to watch.


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Robertson virtually held NZRB to ransom, it was a one horse race!

Selecting the new coach before the WC is a heads gone moment  by the NZRB. Now the NZ public have who they want as coach, my question is that if Robertson  fails(and I hope he doesn't) leading into the next WC, doesn't the public ask for his head or let him see out his contract?

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I hope you are right Hesi! We will put this on the back burner and address it in a couple  of years😁.But Shirley you don't agree with the way they have gone about the selection process?. I was speaking to an ex Scottish  International  last week, he had one word for the selection  process, Barmy!

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