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Summer - Autumn Super Draft Comp - Round 14 - Sat Apr 15 - entries here please


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Round 14 Saturday April 15

The new table leaders Kelly's Heroes take on the Coyotes, an in-form team with an aggregate only slightly inferior to the Heroes' tally. Clash of the tie (and the day) sees the top two in the Magnificent Seven - Wrinkles the Wrecker and Mighty Maria - meet head-on. Impossible to pick a winner there....

The Believers and Reapers might be  23 points apart but the HTH ties here (well most of them) look damn close. Have the Reapers peaked already and can they sustain the challenge of the comps late risers ? All will be answered Saturday.

The Dream Team are 6 points to the better of their opponents the Union Jacks but the latter have a better aggregate to the tune of nearly $2000. This looks very hard to pick.

The Ramones' form has fallen away and now find themselves facing the ubiquitous Max Factory in the Battle of the Basement. This could get ugly and I'm expecting Jokers to be firing in all directions.

Bit of a mixed-up card so careful with posting your selections. Both Hastings and Christchurch are due for rain before Saturday so rain-affected tracks are predicted. Couple of tricky non-stakes races in Sydney to round out the day so tread carefully. I can see some big scores being posted. The Autumn end to the comp will create chaos on the table methinks...

Good luck everyone !

Close off at 11.41am (NZ time)

Races are:

1. Riccarton R2 - 12.41pm - Racing Next Saturday 22 April - $35k, 1000m, R84 hdcp

2. Randwick R1 - 1.35pm - Toyota Forklifts Frank Packer Plate (Gr3) - $200k, 2000m, 3yos SWs

3. Hawke's Bay R5 - 2.38pm - Vet Services Hawke's Bay Hdcp - $30k, 1400m, R75 BM

4. Hawke's Bay R6 - 3.13pm - Power Turf Sprint - $65k, 1200m, open hdcp

5. Hawke's Bay R7 - 3.48pm - Power Farming Hawke's Bay Cup (LR) - $100k, 2200m, open hdcp

6. Riccarton R8 - 4.17pm - Avon City Ford Easter Cup (LR) - $65k, 1600m, open hdcp

7. Randwick R7 - 5.10pm - Moet & Chandon Champagne Stks (Gr1) - $600k, 1600m, 2yos SWs

8. Randwick R8 - 5.50pm - Schweppes All Aged Stks (Gr1) - $1.5m, 1400m, WFA

9. Randwick R9 - 6.30pm - Petaluma Hdcp - $150k, 1400m, BM 100 hdcp

10. Randwick R10 - 7.05pm - Catanach's Jewellers Hdcp - $150k, 1200m, BM 88 hdcp



Craig (7/4-3571.60/2588.40) v Gordy (6/5-3194.40/2002.80)

Ray (6/5-3220.60/1999.60) v Roland (6/5-3964.80/1967.20)

Maria (4/7-3923.40/3371.40) v Wrinkles (8/3-5025.80/1866.00)

Graeme (8/3-3141.00/1976.40) v Gary (4/3-1821.60/1298.20)

Rees (6/5-2995.20/2979.00) v Heather (7/4-2907.80/2393.20)


BELIEVERS (7th) vs REAPERS (2nd)

Blind Squirrel (4/8-2239.00/2716.40) v Tom (7/5-2988.00/2299.40)

Lightning Blue (6/6-3329.20/3020.80) v Moose (8/4-2878.20/2059.00)

Robert (5/7-2473.60/3782.00) v Antz (7/5-3346.60/2396.40)

Trotslover (4/8-2901.60/3374.00) v Hesi (7/5-2989.80/1925.60)

Smiler (4/8-2299.40/2822.20) v Tassie Tiger (6/6-2482.20/2226.60)



Ian (6/6-2443.20/2692.60) v Geoff (7/5-2923.80/2549.20)

PJ (7/5-3052.00/2033.80) v Punter Pete (7/5-3275.20/3042.60)

Ziggy (6/6-2227.20/1938.20) v Tonka (5/7-2789.60/4064.00)

Howie (6/6-3054.80/2558.80) v Gee (6/6-3763.20/2036.00)

Stevie N (5/7-2395.60/2922.40) v Jack (3/9-1886.80/3519.80)


RAMONES (8th) vs MAX FACTORY (9th)

Richie (9/2-3464.00/2235.40) v Harewood (7/4-2627.40/1907.60)

Jason (6/5-2266.20/1909.20) v Rob (5/6-2224.60/2536.40)

Mardy (3/8-2679.80/3922.40) v Max (5/6-2043.00/2143.00)

Steve P (6/5-2637.60/2430.20) v Pam (3/8-2238.60/2426.40)

Sarah (2/9-2563.80/2613.60) v Jen (3/8-2076.80/2057.20)



Secret Squirrel (5/7-2349.80/2786.60)

Rex (6/6-2901.80/3381.00)

Sharne (5/7-2390.80/2218.40)

Mike (7/5-2675.60/2516.80)

Maurice (7/5-3299.60/2968.20)



5025.80 Wrinkles (Kelly's Heroes) (8/3)

3923.40 Maria (Coyotes) (4/7)

3964.80 Roland (Kelly's Heroes) (6/5)

3763.20 Gee (Union Jacks) (6/6)

3571.60 Craig (Coyotes) (7/4)

3464.00 Richie (Ramones) (9/2)

3346.60 Antz (Reapers) (7/4)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Roland (6/5-1967.20) (Kelly's Heroes)

Ziggy (6/6-1938.20) (Dream Team)

Hesi (7/5-1925.60) (Reapers)

Jason (6/5-1909.20) (Ramones)

Harewood (7/4-1907.60) (Max Factory)

Wrinkles (8/3-1866.00) (Kelly's Heroes)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Rex (6/6-3381.00) (Desperados)

Jack (3/9-3519.80) (Union Jacks)

Robert (5/7-3782.00) (Believers)

Mardy (3/8-3922.40) (Ramones)

Tonka (5/7-4064.00) (Union Jacks)


Table after Round 13

1st 37 Kelly's Heroes $17,060.80

2nd 35 Reapers $14,684.20

3rd 26 Desperados $13,618.40

4th 26 Dream Team^ $12,772.20

5th 24 Coyotes $16,831.40

6th 20 Union Jacks $14,638.60

7th 12 Believers* $13,162.80

8th 11 Ramones^ $13,576.20

9th 8 Max Factory^ $11,200.40

^ Triple Joker play

* Double Joker play

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