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Well after spending a couple of years refurbishing all sorts of furniture to a high standard ,I logged some of them onto Facebook Marketplace. A small nest of 3 tables ,first cab off the rank was liked and spent some time negotiating pick up and payment. Eventually the penny dropped. An Email from TNT couriers ?, asking for the $200 insurance payment which would be reimbursed on courier pickup. Yeah right. The buyer threatened police action and arrest because they had lost out on the transaction, but haven't heard back since calling them out with some strong language. Needless to say Facebook can take a run and jump and have removed all items and relisted on Trademe.

Anyone else had this experience?.

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Iv heard of scams on FB. People set up multiple accounts, comment on their own status. To make it look like their point majority agrees. Then worse case threaten & try to get $ out of people who strongly disagree with them. They pm people making up stories saying that person owes them money, threaten them etc. All you do is send a complaint to police. The police can then check their IP address etc & often they are known to police. Pending how they threaten or lie, you can press charges but often most dont bother as its not worth the hassle.

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