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The Race Place

The old days, Wellington three day meeting in July.

Double R

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I think I have these open class races correct.

The first day, was the Whyte Handicap.

The second day, was the Winter Oaks.

The third day, was the Parlimentary.

Did Greek Meer win every one of them, at some stage or another?

Did Kumai win one of those three races, and come back to win a Wellington Hurdles or Steeples

I remember horses trained by Peter Louis, awful form, but could grow another leg, and bring off some huge plungers for him.

Oh, the memories.

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yes watching the Wellington Steeplechase and freezin' yer buns n nuts awf at the top of the public grandstand - the 'revolutionary' figure-8 course for the jumpers. Cant remember who won what or when but I recall a mudlark called Tiromai (Syd Brown?) winning the Winter Oats or Parliamentary mebbe one year in the early-mid '70s. A Woodville/Awapuni chaser called Chumson who wasnt fast enough to keep warm let alone win a maiden but won 'chases in a row when connections tried him as a jumper in desperation.


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Peter Louis what a character he was.

Trained out of a suburban street by the railway station at Trentham, 3 yards 3 boxes all on a quarter acre. Lived next door in a very very modest house. His shoe manufacturing business was in Upper Hutt 7 miles north.

Frank Stammers RIP was his foreman and trackrider for many years, Noel Eastwood the  race day rider. Landed many huge punts, broke the tote many times .. was on course Riccarton 71 Winter Cup and he landed a huge double Enceooh into his John's Pal. From memory a 20k payout, massive money in those days, the value of 3 houses.

Frank inherited Peter's colours, yellow with red hooped sleeves when Peter retired.

Great days indeed. No characters like Peter Louis these days in NZ, but a few in Aussie still plunging

Met Peter at Trentham, a very quiet softly spoken chap but Razor sharp, he didn't miss a word in a conversation. Told me he only punted his own on the nose or straight double. Was great company for a then 20 year old.

Days gone, sadly

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