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Dunstan Qualifying races


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It didn't happen in Manifique's race, as none of them were entered for the final.  But other races, all it does is potentially deny horses that are entered the chance of qualifying points, 9 for first etc etc.  Horses like Manifique, that have a higher-grade race as their target(QE II Cup), and are only entered because the qualifying stake is so good

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On 12/8/2023 at 8:12 PM, Hesi said:

What is the point of these races, when on Sat, only one horse in one of the races is nominated for the final and no horses in the Trentham race are nominated

Many 'final' races have qualifiers that don't require them to hold nom for the final. If you restricted them, you could end up with tiny fields especially as the 'final' gets closer and plans have changed. 

Melbourne Cup and Caulfield Cup had ballot free qualifiers - one of them this year only had one runner that was a nomination for the final. If it was restricted, you would have had a one horse race running for a $200k stake - and then entry into the 'final'

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