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NZ Politics - the moaning has begun ...


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Good to see the NZFACTNAT Coalition getting on with the job like they said they would - including knocking KiwiRail's  MegaFerry  contract on the head. Cost blowout in the order of $1.5B that you and I would hav ehad to pay for. There are other solutions - eg leasing new ferries.

As for Dr Ayesha Verrall saying Dr Shane Reti could have his licence revoked for failing the Hippocratic Oath ('do no harm') - this is patent nonsense, pathetic political posturing, grandstanding ....whatever you wanna call it. 

If Maori, Pakeha or Eskimos don't want to ruin their health by smoking, STOP SMOKING. Same applies to ALCOHOL. Take responsibility for yourself. Get help. Don't expect the State to legislate your way to a perfect risk-free life; it ain't happenin'.

if Reti is guilty, well you can revoke countless other Dr's' licences, including Verrall's and Dr Ashley Bloomfield's ...how much harm did they do with their inhumane MIQ and Mandates policies?


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I've come to the conclusion that the biggest problem we have in NZ, are these large inefficient bureaucracies called Govt departments and SOE's (Kiwi Rail), that have an almost unstoppable, all-consuming life of their own.  So good on Willis for putting Kiwi Rail in their place (on Treasury advice I might add) and telling them to go and work out other options.

But there are many others like Health NZ and NZ Transport Agency(the legal name).

Labour did not take a strong line with them so they took advantage of it.  It is not their role to advance culture in NZ, it is their role to look after the core reason they are there.  Very symptomatic that they got distracted.

There is a parallel in Racing.  The NZ Racing Board, that each year became an even bigger and inefficient bureaucracy, chewing through sausage rolls that should have been spent on the industry.  And ironically, you might recall the woman who Chris Bayliss took a liking to, Monique Cairns who was General Manager of Transformation and Culture at the RB.  

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