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I've talked to our harness man Rees(Globederby) a few times and suggested he send me a few pics of his extracurricular activity


It is a 1952 De Soto,Diplomat, export model to Europe and assembled in Belgium as right hand drive.
It is a Mopar, or part of the Dodge, Plymouth group.They were nice cars and flat head sixes as this engine is ,were common and very robust ,used in all sorts of vehicles including speed boats. Fairly rare to see one these days, which is why I have had an expert rebuild it. We have rebored it with oversized pots, hotted up cam, remote oil filter, ( as cars in that era didn't have oil filters as such) and electronic dizzy(distributer). It will have twin Weber carbs on an Offenhauser inlet manifold, and twin exhaust pipe with Smithie mufflers.
I ripped out the complete wiring set up (6volt) and have rewired for 12 volt, including new gauges, stereo system and led headlights.
Still have to cut in 54 Chevy recessed taillights to complete the lighting. It has been dropped 2 inches all round and has 17 inch American Racing Classics front and back. The inside as you can see has been kept as original apart from new gauges. .Its a 3 speed Column shift, drum brakes, and when time and money allow might stick power steering on it, although it was fairly light to steer.Most things under the bonnet attached to the engine have been chromed to make heads turn. 

Resized_20191204_153317_9831001 (1).jpeg

Resized_20191223_130003_5689 (2).jpeg

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