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Covid - 19 Poll


Covid - 19  

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  1. 1. How worried are you, about the effect the virus will have on the economic and physical health of NZ'ers

    • Seriously worried, will cause a lot of pain for a lot of people
    • Moderately worried, it could turn out to be a serious version of the flu and be gone by the end of the year, people will adapt
    • Mildly worried, it will be all over in 3 months and life will quickly get back to normal
    • Not really worried at all, it won't come to much

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I tend to think of the two things separately.

Economic versus health.

Economic woes will be dramatic for many - especially elderly if they have a medium+ risk profile. Although expect the economy to correct quite quickly when the tunnel light is visible. But the interim stress could have some negative effects. So probably around point 2. Also, the worldwide impacts will affect NZers economically even if the health aspects are felt less here.

The health side is possibly to early to see for me. I'd say it will be around point three for NZ at this early stage.

So I don't know what option to vote for.

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I think that the economic outlook is dire. The GFC was kids play compared to this, unless it’s all over in 3 months. 

Health-wise for the vast majority, it won’t be a major problem, like the flu isn’t. However for those that are comprised, it will be like many other major illnesses, the flu included, life and death for some. 


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