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They talk some rubbish on Weigh In

The horse didn't stay?, the horse has peaked? the horse didn't handle the track

How about, she was beaten by some better fillies, it was a crap ride by Bosson, who left the horse with too much to do after a slow first half.

Once again we get this nepotism invading NZ racing review programs.  How could Emily ever say a bad thing about hubby.  It's just weak as piss BS, that would never be tolerated on the Aussie shows

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The first 3 all ran their last 400m faster than Amarelinha and she was fading quicker the last 200m. Pace slow, the run of the race in the straight, apart from the winner, was Duis who came from last and ran the fastest 600m/400m/200m.

  600m 400m 200m
Hungry Heart 34.41 22.93 11.80
Duais 34.06 22.84 11.73
Bargain 34.74 23.09 11.80
Amarelinha 34.62 23.18 12.07
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