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$8s into $3.30 Final Field odds


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The odds on offer have been crunched immediately after opening, for "No Nukes Skipper" in race 9 at Ashburton (Sunday). 

It raises eye brows. 

But for what reasons? 

Did the TAB oddsmakers (I refuse to call them bookies) set the initial odds far too long? Or was it because someone placed a lazy tenner on the nose, so the market had to be immediately adjusted accordingly? 

Or something else?

Has someone had an old fashion go? And if they have, what have they seen, that most others haven't? 

Be an interesting runner to watch. 

Race 9 at 3.36pm. 

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2 hours ago, Rusty said:

It raises eye brows. 

It sure does. The Woodend watch alert went up straight away. I could make a few smart comments but would probably cross the line.

8s into 3.30, even despite the weak kneed TAB, is still a reasonable go. It is just the inconsistency surrounding the way they punt that horse.

2 hours ago, Rusty said:

Did the TAB oddsmakers (I refuse to call them bookies) set the initial odds far too long?

Queenofdance, Ardern's Ace and Lulu Le Mans will offer opposition. Especially Queenofdance with Sam Ottley on.

Harness racing is a real mess at the moment. Last night's false starts were inept and showed the lack of nous involved. Add in the cheaters, the inconsistent rulings around the starts, the state of northern harness and punters not able to get a decent bet on it just dismays me. I might add I freely speculate listed trainers are not actually training horses as it is far too easy to manipulate and the owners who are listed in the race book are the actual owners. 

Maybe the code of conduct will take care of it all!

PS In Race 1, Press Play opens at ff5.50? What is that all about. I have watched that horse quite closely recently and it is not shown much after its initial 2nd at Forbury. It is poorly gaited and can barely get around the track in one piece. Also, The Terrorfier and Ultimate Bird are drawn inside it. How can the TAB possibly open it at that price? Its trial for 3rd at Ashburton in slow time? Bugger me.

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Just now, Happy Sunrise said:

So what does one say after No Nukes Skipper wins?

I can't say what I am thinking because I would be breaking the future code of conduct even thought it doesn't apply to me.



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4 hours ago, Happy Sunrise said:

5 back on the outer the trip at Addington last time and 10/9 in the betting so why didn't they get into the race last time?

Hmmmm... We can only speculate. No doubt, there will be at least one reason. 

I didn't see the previous race, so can only assume you are correct Happy - so the question you asked, should have been asked in the stipe's room as a follow up question, one would have thought. 

It was an "interesting" runner to follow on Sunday, and it will be "interesting" again to see it's next start. 

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