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Gonna take two Sportswriters tonight. 

R4  Glitz and Glam $10ff.  Hasnt been far away in 6 starts so far ,should show natural improvement.

R9  Melodys Mischief . $6ff. My bet of the night. 

Others I like are

R1  Smiffys Terror.  Showing lots of his dads guts this horse .$5 ff

R3  Get Up and Dance  Nathan will have this horse ready after a vet problem last time. $2.80ff

R5   Quarterback  Another Sportswriter and my longshot. $31ff

R6   Suzie Rocks . Very talented horse. $2.60FF

R8  Takemybreathaway. $6.50ff

Happy punting guys

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John Morrison is in good form at the moment, that win on Champagneandwine was very well rated in front, to hold on and score. 

He's one of the drivers now, where if I see he is driving a horse I like, I think oh yeah that's fine by me. 

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Time In A Bottle, a lot later out on track than the rest of the field, ahead of race 7. Love seeing this mare in her prelim. She absolutely smokes the first lap in the prelim before she races. First time I saw this, I thought does the driver know it's a standing start, and there's no need to leave the gate with gutso?! 

Used to pull a bit in her races, but this wee trick seems to have solved the problem. 

(Posted pre-race, so she will probably pull her head off now)

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