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Weigh In New Season Sept 14


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Yes, but isn't that the inherent flaw in the whole system.  NZRB/TAB/RITA whatever, have accountability for generating the money.  NZTR just sit back and wait for whatever it might be each year.  They then put 90% of it into stakes and use the other 10% to run thoroughbred racing.

The only thing they can do, is to use the money better, but they are pretty limited

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They are limited alright! But not in the way I think you mean. Completely hopeless would be a better description. I think Saundry's best hopes were another $8-9m by 2021? That's if the TAB performance doesn't deteriorate in the meantime which again the strategy seems to be to sit and hope for. This was repeated several times. So, maybe a 10% increase in stakes in the next couple of years and 2 or 3 mil for other expenses. Sounds promising.

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