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Spring NPC Super Comp Round 6 - Sat Oct 30


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Round 6 - Saturday October 30

Comp closes at 11.40am

Four meetings again this week with the last 4 races again all million dollar contests. More than one race at Tauranga was just just too scary for most on here....

Now we are getting down to the business end of the comp. Defeat is not an option for almost everyone on Saturday - the penultimate matchday - except for maybe The Chiefs or The Swampies. The Ferdies have found a little form and take on the top dogs from the Waikato while Maria may be reaching for The Joker as the Swamp Foxes take on the Blues in the Battle of the Maramarua. Hailing from opposite ends of the nation the high-flying Highlanders seek to repulse the Kauri Kats who may thrust out a paw brandishing a Joker on the day. Lastly, the Battle of the Gorge sees the HB Magpies - another fave to play their Joker - take on the wind turbine driven Manawatu Turbos in a clash which they commence separated by just one point.

Remarkably, VS, Alan and Pete still remain unbeaten while everyone has now managed at least one win. The amazing Wrinkles still heads the Magnificent Seven while Sharne with a rabbit's foot in each pocket continues to bewitch her opponents into low scores. The Unfortunate Five has now become the sole preserve of just two teams - the Magpies and Kauri Kats - why is that ???!!!

Races are:

1. Awapuni R2 - 12.10pm - Power Farming Manawatu 1300 - $30k, 1300m, R65 BM

2. Awapuni R4 - 1.20pm - Ratanui Development Company 1600 - $30k, 1600m, R65 BM

3. Awapuni R7 - 3.10pm - Ruapehu Farm Supplies 1100 - $30k, 1100m, R74 BM

4. Awapuni R8 - 3.50pm - Ricoh Feilding Gold Cup (LR) - $60k, 2100m, open hdcp

5. Tauranga R7 - 4.10pm - PRH Transport Trophy (LR) - $60k, 1600m open hdcp

6. Rosehill R4 - 4.40pm - The Four Pillars - $700k, 1500m, BM 68 hdcp

7. Flemington R5 - 5.00pm - TAB Empire Rose Stks (Gr1) - $1m, 1600m, fillies/mares WFA

8. Flemington R6 - 5.45pm - Penfolds Victoria Derby (Gr1) - $2m, 2500m, 3yos SWs

9. Rosehill R6 - 6.10pm - Classique Legend Stks - $1m, 1300m, SW+Ps

10. Rosehill R7 - 6.50pm - XXXX Golden Eagle - $7.5m, 1500m, 4yos SWs


FERDIES (4th) vs CHIEFS (1st)

Heather (3/2-1211.20/1322.40) v Stevie N (4/1-1545.00/659.60)

PJ (3/2-1447.40/1178.00) v Punter Pete (2/3-1080.00/1031.00)

Zac (1/4-729.00/1232.40) v Jack (2/3-1387.80/1208.20)

Maurice (2/3-1008.00/977.80) v Ian (3/2-1208.30/1065.80)

Tom (2/3-609.80/579.60) v Gee (2/3-1612.20/824.00)


SWAMP FOXES (2nd) vs BLUES (5th)

Rees (2/3-770.00/914.00) v Roland (1/4-906.80/966.00)

Robert (4/1-1032.80/775.00) v Pete (5/0-1530.60/679.60)

Von Smallhausen (5/0-1452.80/749.80) v Geoff (3/2-1143.00/812.80)

Maria (2/3-976.60/680.40) v Gordy (3/2-1104.60/768.60)

Richie (2/3-944.80/1073.40) v Howie (1/4-801.20/832.80)



Rusty (3/2-857.40/631.00) v Graeme (3/2-983.80/981.60)

Happy (1/4-1057.80/1102.00) v Jen (1/4-1216.40/1953.00)

Craig (3/2-1083.80/1229.20) v Sharne (4/1-1155.40/483.00)

Mardy (3/1-1086.20/1122.80) v Pam (1/4-524.40/1539.20)

Rex (3/2-1276.40/1133.80) v Max (2/3-421.00/716.80)


TURBOS (7th) vs MAGPIES (6th)

Ziggy (2/3-745.80/894.60) v Wrinkles (2/3-1788.60/2183.60)

Blind Squirrel (3/2-1021.40/894.00) v Rob (1/4-652.60/1764.00)

Steve P (2/3-1250.40/1280.00) v Blazes (2/3-1125.60/1344.80)

Ray (1/4-1029.60/1130.00) v Porky (2/3-489.80/1699.60)

Gary (3/2-824.40/931.60) v Hesi (5/0-1409.80/633.80)



1788.60 Wrinkles (Magpies)

1612.20 Gee (Chiefs)

1545.00 Stevie N (Chiefs)

1530.60 Pete (Blues)

1452.80 Von Smallhausen (Swamp Foxes)

1447.40 PJ (Ferdies)

1409.80 Hesi (Magpies)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Pete (5/0-679.60) (Blues)

Stevie N (4/1-659.60) (Chiefs)

Hesi (5/00-633.80) (Magpies)

Rusty (3/2-631.00) (Highlanders)

Tom (2/3-579.60) (Ferdies)

Sharne (4/1-483.00) (Kauri Kats)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Pam (1/4-1539.20) (Kauri Kats)

Porky (2/3-1699.60) (Magpies)

Rob (1/4-1764.00) (Magpies)

Jen (1/4-1953.00) (Kauri Kats)

Wrinkles (2/3-2183.60) (Magpies)



1st 12.5 CHIEFS* $6770.80

2nd 11 SWAMP FOXES# $5266.40

3rd 9 HIGHLANDERS#* $4925.60

4th 8 FERDIES# $5004.40

5th 6.5 BLUES $5486.40

6th 6 MAGPIES $5466.40

7th 5 TURBOS* $4871.60

8th 4 KAURI KATS# $4280.00

# Black Adder played

* Joker played


ROUND 7 Draw

Chiefs vs Swamp Foxes

Highlanders vs Magpies

Ferdies vs Kauri Kats

Turbos vs Blues


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