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Race 1 Addington Photo

Happy Sunrise

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4 hours ago, Happy Sunrise said:

Is there anywhere one can see the photo?


I was oncourse tonight Happy, and noone that I asked knew where the photo could be viewed. 

The admin office was vacant, and the team member from Addington at the service desk, had no clue what the hell I was on about. To make it worse, she pulled the Jacinda trick of smiling, when delivering bad news. I asked if she could point me in the right direction, or asking someone else to assist. Nope. She could not give any less of a ****. 

Funny that, because last year, I asked the lady if there would be someone at the club that would be interested in taking a look at some harness racing memorabilia that I have in storage. Hundred year old racebooks, photos, trophies and the like. They couldn't have bent over backwards for me fast enough, as I suggested that they they may like to have it, and put some of it on display etc. Great customer service that time, but not so tonight unfortunately.

I tried for ya mate. I tried. 

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