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I see overnight, the passing of Tavistock at 14 announced, which is a sad and substantial loss.

This won't be popular, but the question has to be asked, to what extent are the problems occurring at Cambridge Stud, bad luck

(Sir)Patrick Hogan ran that stud for 43 years, before that a partner in Fencourt.  Unbelievably 3 champion sires in succession, Sir Tristram, Zabeel and Tavistock, the like of which will never be repeated.  Everything he touched turned to gold, sure he must have had some luck, but such a track record does not happen unless he was an extremely astute and skilled horseman.

Now with the Lindsays in charge, we have seen the death of 3 stallions in just under 4 months.

The Lindsays are business people, without the gounding in thoroughbreds.  Sure they have some very good people working for them, but so far the midas touch is not with them

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The horse ripped his most of his hoof off. Andy showed me some photos, bloody hell it was bad. They bought someone in from Kentucky to try to repair it (twice), and at that stage he looked as though he would survive. I only just found out and am too scared to talk to them, will let it rest for a while. Very sad to be honest, he was a lovely horse, and I have fond memory's of leading him around at Andys stables here in Masterton while he was racing.

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