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It's a bit devil and the deep blue sea I would opine as until he is officially notified as a non-starter by not accepting for the race he is still recognised as a potential starter.

He needs to have the ??? attached to his name in TAB markets so punters are aware he may not accept but there has been many a time that connections have changed their minds - look at Sentimental Miss who was supposed to be spelling after her Wanganui Cup win but was ready to front up today until disaster struck.

Or Rondinella who Roger James said publically would not race in New Zealand this spring before heading to Australia then went around at Ellerslie.

Agree punters need to be protected but not sure how you do that in a futures market which by definition has a large number quoted and punted on that don't end up lining up.

What happens if they do go to Levin and he was removed from the market because of a TV interview?

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They should have the ability to notify NZTR that they are to be removed from the nominations. They allow notifications like that in Oz. Then the horse is officially removed from the potential start list and can be removed from pre-post betting. If they allowed that, then the connections can't change their minds, since the horse is no longer considered to be a nomination.

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It's a fair while since I had a horse declared in an early-entry race.    However,  I wouldn't have thought it difficult to notify the horse a non-runner,  once connections had made the decision;   cessation of on-going payments,  and common courtesy being two good reasons....

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Another example, how many punters thought the 16's about Germanicus for the Thorndon were attractive.  Well guess what

NZTR and to quote Danica Guy

“Where we go to from here is another story as we will just consolidate now and wait for next season.

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