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TAB Outsourcing deal ??


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If there is a deal close, then it will be very interesting to see what they do about Trackside and it's presenters.

The whole idea of outsourcing is to tap into a more efficient organisation, which means bigger return for lower cost.  If that is not substantial then any deal is a waste of time

My thoughts were always that TAB NZ/Racing Board whatever it was or is called, needed to reduce costs by about 30%, most of which could be returned to racing for investment not just in stakes, but infrastructure and marketing

The tail has well and truly wagged the dog for far too long

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9 hours ago, Hesi said:

You think so Tom?

I presume this journo has sniffed out something, and why would he make a claim of 300 redundancies unless he had some solid basis.  Pretty mischievous to start talking in public about redundancies unless you have something

Anything  on stuff is either left leaning  or heresay

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Further to this, from Stuff today

The state-owned gambling provider employs about 450 staff, but industry sources have estimated as many as 300 jobs would go following an outsourcing agreement.

That has not been confirmed by the TAB, whose spokesperson Matt Smith said it was awaiting proposals in what he described as "this final phase" of its discussions.



“TAB NZ welcomed expressions of interest from a number of international wagering operators around a potential strategic partnership late last year,” he said on Tuesday

“We have since progressed to the second phase of discussions with three international wagering operators. We have received no proposals from any of these operators in this phase and don't expect to for several weeks,” he said.


With regard to the claims 300 jobs were at risk, the TAB didn't know whether any of the potential partners were going to propose any job losses because proposals had not been received yet, he said.

Ladbrokes owner Entain and Australian firm Tabcorp, with which the TAB has an existing relationship, have been tipped as two frontrunners for the partnership agreement.

An industry source said Entain was confident its offer was going to be accepted and that it would see all the TAB’s trading operations move to Brisbane with “a huge loss of jobs”.

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12 hours ago, pete said:

God you're so bloody negative Tom.

Not really negative Pete, just cannot stand Corporate Bullshit.

Just look at what has, or has not happened since Messara report. Just read the shyte from them on how well they are doing then rationalise that with stakes reduction and Brian DeLores articles.

Not negative buddy, just cant stand being fed shyte and being asked to support the incompetents. Simple as that. Not interested in the local circus.


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