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Summer - Autumn Super Draft Comp - Round 16 - Sat Apr 29 - entries here please


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After discussion with Alan & Pete I have decided to rescind my decision made on Saturday to leave the selection thread open at all times. So the status quo continues. I think some  participants need to make better communication with their Captains (or team mates in some instances) if there is any trouble posting. The issue has been rectified and Hesi has written specific instructions here as to the procedure to follow if you are having trouble:


Most teams communicate well and cover for each other. A few need to up their game.


Round 16 Saturday April 29

Strangely, we kick off in Adelaide in a tricky race with 4 last start winners then do the Why-car-tow tour before crossing to Queensland for an interesting Eagle Farm card that sees the Sydney visitors take on the locals and end up back in SA for the day's only Group One.

It's top vs bottom as cellar dwellers Max Factory take on table leaders Kelly's Heroes who may throw in a Joker to make things interesting. If Max could just solve his industrial disputes issues within the company - downing tools frequently - can an upset be on the cards ?

The Reapers may also feel like it's an opportune time to lay a Joker on the Ramones who are seeking redemption for some unlucky recent performances. Maybe not as cut and dried as it may look on paper.....

The Coyotes may be only one place behind the Desperados but 7 points separates the two teams however the Coyotes boast a considerably superior aggregate. Will the furry ones think about a sneaky Joker play ?? Some interesting HTH clashes in that one. 

The Union Jacks have two Jokers at their disposal and to stay in Championship contention Saturday's clash with The Believers is a "must-win", so will they play their regular Joker in an attempt to keep themselves in the hunt ? The Believers can't win the comp but they are capable of being spoilers for their remaining opponents. A Triple Joker card is at their disposal, hmmm...

Lastly the Dream Team are still in contention despite having the second worse aggregate - must be some smart captaincy going on there - and don't have an easy choice picking a couple of opponents for their Bye Round. Who will it be ?

Good luck everyone !


Close off at 12.47pm (NZ time)

Races are:

1. Morphettville R1 - 1.47pm - Adelaide Galvanising Industries Hdcp - $35k, 1200m, Spec Cond hdcp

2. Te Rapa R4 - 2.18pm - Hutton Contracting 1300 - $30k, 1300m, R75 BM

3. Te Rapa R5 - 2.53pm - Inglis Sales Cambridge Breeders' Stks (Gr3) - $85k, 1200m, 3yos SWs

4. Te Rapa R6 - 3.28pm - Cambridge Equine Hospital 1400 - $35k, 1400m, open hdcp

5. Te Rapa R7 - 4.08pm - Travis Stks (Gr2) - $120k, 2000m, WFA fillies/mares

6. Te Rapa R8 - 4.43pm - Maneline Cambridge Mile - $30k, 1600m, R65 BM

7. Eagle Farm R7 - 5.07pm - Cascade Hdcp - $85k, 1400m, BM 85 hdcp

8. Eagle Farm R8 - 5.47pm - Channel 7 Victory Stks (Gr2) - $300k, 1200m, WFA

9. Eagle Farm R9 - 6.23pm - Sky Racing Queensland Guineas (Gr2) - $350k, 1600m, 3yos SWs

10. Morphettville R9 - 6.42pm - Grand Syndicates Australasian Oaks (Gr1) - $502k, 2000m, 3yo fillies SWs


RAMONES (7th) vs REAPERS (2nd)

Mardy (3/10-3014.00/4837.60) v Tom (7/6-3441.60/2827.60)

Sarah (4/9-2981.60/2903.60) v Moose (8/5-3178.20/2211.00)

Steve P (7/6-3097.60/2877.80) v Antz (8/5-3816.00/2540.40)

Jason (6/7-2465.20/2491.40) v Tassie Tiger (6/7-2775.80/2591.60)

Richie (11/2-3912.00/2605.40) v Hesi (8/5-3405.20/2045.60)



Graeme (10/3-3642.00/2345.00) v Maurice (8/5-3876.80/3079.20)

Maria (4/9-4092.40/3628.40) v Sharne (6/7-3082.80/2360.40)

Rees (7/6-3263.20/3312.40) v Pete (0/1-178.00/211.00)

Ray (7/6-3595.20/2601.20) v Mike (7/6-3146.60/2712.60)

Craig (8/5-3781.20/2824.00) v Secret Squirrel (6/7-2791.40/3010.60)



Jen (4/9-2401.80/2382.20) v Gary (5/4-2334.80/1791.20)

Rob (6/7-2546.60/2803.00) v Wrinkles (9/4-5137.80/2240.00)

Harewood (7/6-2854.40/2320.60) v Heather (7/4-2907.80/2393.20)

Max (6/7-2659.60/2520.20) v Gordy (7/6-3393.60/2377.80)

Pam (3/10-2639.60/2937.40) v Roland (7/6-4565.40/2349.80)



Jack (4/10-2152.80/3668.80) v Lightning Blue (7/7-3720.20/3399.80)

Tonka (7/7-3299.60/4272.20) v Trotslover (4/10-3212.60/3944.80)

Gee (7/7-4094.20/2280.60) v Blind Squirrel (6/8-3005.20/3177.60)

Geoff (7/7-3638.00/3472.40) v Robert (5/9-2836.60/4161.40)

Punter Pete (8/6-3794.80/3331.80) v Smiler (5/9-2820.00/3221.80)

Bye: DREAM TEAM (3rd)

Howie (7/7-3414.00/2796.80)

Ziggy (7/7-2680.80/2228.80)

Stevie N (7/7-2829.60/3243.40)

Ian (8/6-3338.80/3330.80)

PJ (9/5-3528.20/2476.40)



5137.80 Wrinkles (Kelly's Heroes) (9/4)

4565.40 Roland (Kelly's Heroes) (7/6)

4094.20 Gee (Union Jacks) (7/7)

4092.40 Maria (Coyotes) (4/9)

3912.00 Richie (Ramones) (11/2)

3876.80 Maurice (Desperados) (8/5)

3816.00 Antz (Reapers) (8/5)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Harewood (7/6-2320.60) (Max Factory)

Gee (7/7-2280.60) (Union Jacks)

Wrinkles (9/4-2240.00) (Kelly's Heroes)

Ziggy (7/7-2228.80) (Dream Team)

Moose (8/5-2211.00) (Reapers)

Hesi (8/5-2045.60) (Reapers)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Jack (4/10-3668.80) (Union Jacks)

Trotslover (4/10-3944.80) (Believers)

Robert (5/9-4161.40) (Believers)

Tonka (7/7-4272.20) (Union Jacks)

Mardy (3/10-4837.60) (Ramones)


Table after Round 15

1st 40 Kelly's Heroes $18,888.20

2nd 36 Reapers $16,616.20

3rd 35 Dream Team*^ $15,337.80

4th 33 Desperados* $16,530.20

5th 26 Coyotes^ $18,353.60

6th 24 Union Jacks $16,951.40

---- can't win the Championship below this line-------------------

7th 15 Ramones*^ $15,435.20

8th 14 Believers* $15,514.60

9th 12 Max Factory*^ $13,092.00

^ Triple Joker play

* Double Joker play

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