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Hmm.  No denying he's a fine exponent of the art of raceriding...but I struggle to see that he is any better, or that his contribution is more significant than champion  riders of other years.

Good to see racing recognized I guess.

Did David Ellis get anything?  Like him or not, he has done more for NZ Racing than most.

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Seeing people get fancy awards for just doing their job brasses Max off bigtime...while the hundreds or thousands of selfless volunteers who move heaven and earth out of pure-hearted goodness of character and energy and effort get ignored.

Still, it's a fine line between dame and damn. And people who accept Royal awards while badmouthing the monarchy and stirring for republicanism are hypocrites.

So there.



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I am really pleased that Barry Pickering former All Whites Goalkeeper has been awarded the MNZM. Barry represented NZ while firstly playing for Stop Out and then Miramar and since retiring has dedicated himself to his first Club, Petone.



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