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I thought the Knights might give them a lot more of a game.

The Broncos in Brisbane will be a big ask, but this team has surprised everyone this season, not just with the improvement from 15th to 4th, but the way they have played.  

This pic probably tells you the reason why


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Sad to see the Warriors exit last night after a vintage season, 15th to 4th cannot be challenged as a superb effort.  Not even the most ardent Warrior's fan could dispute the reality last night

Penrith/Brisbane will be a match of epic proportions next Sunday.

The reality for the Warriors next season, is going to be, how do you bridge a 30 point gap to these 2 teams.  Both Penrith and Brisbane seem to play the game at a lot quicker pace, so perhaps they need to recruit along these lines

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Great to see Andrew Webster get coach of the year, and totally deserved.  When was the last time a coach took a team from 15th to 4th.  We usually get the bs line about how it takes several years to rebuild a team.

He does remind me of Scott Robertson, in the passion and love for the game that he brings and inspires in his players

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