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Weigh In Sept 18 2023


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I feel sorry for some of the decent people outcast from the trackside employment, Jason Teaz for instance good knowledge and yet they keep an absolute boring to death puppet like this, there have been many let go who would breathe a whole new life into what could be a good and interesting weekly show.JMO

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Well, the Entain deal and Auckland merger has at least breathed bew hope into this industry and Auckland/Waikato bases will be where the action is (mostly).

Which begs the question...who is likely to find NZ a great place to work in the thoroughbred industry? Would Wood return? Why Wood he? Woodn't Ozzie have an opening or three after all his international experience?

Where will Donna Logan go? Glorious retirement? Or a spot in Oz with Te Akau (or not)? Private trainer for someone?


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As I have posted before, I am a believer in giving back to an industry that gave you a chance to develop your passion for the thoroughbred  in the first place.  Especially when that industry is potentially at a turning point.

Parochialism is the number one ill in NZ racing, everyone just helps themselves, at all levels.

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