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A few weeks ago we discovered this little fella on the bottom of our aviary. It seems he may have been pushed out of the nest. Not knowing who the parents were and worrying that further mishaps would befall him, we decided to remove him. 

Hand rearing became a thing though usually with a bird this young, an expert needs to do this. However, we had rescued another one, possibly his full sibling a couple of years ago so had some idea. Over the next couple of weeks, Boo as we called him, still had his eyes shut and we were worried. A trip to a specialist avian vet was required and he was found to have thrush, a common occurrence with young birds. His crop was flushed out and he was injected with fluids as he was dehydrated. Jodie and I were on bread and water that week having spent the grocery money. 

Boo continued to grow and as Jodie and my faces were imprinted on him, we were seen as his parents. He squawks when he hears our voices at 5am each morning and he sits on Jodie in a blanket when she gets home from work. He loves his cuddles. 

He has started drinking water by himself, he loves his water. We are trying to wean him off hand feeding and he will go into a larger cage this weekend so he has more room to explore and learn to fly.

IMG_20230906_102908_HDR (1).jpg


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