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ATR's astounding generosity to strappers


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The Club has also committed to further supporting those at the grassroots of the New Zealand racing industry by offering a $12 lunch voucher to the primary strapper of each runner at ATR racedays.

ATR plans to conduct 20 race meetings over the 2023/24 season from both Pukekohe Park and Ellerslie, with racing at Ellerslie set to return in 2024.


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Well, IMO the idea is good...but given the mammoth injection of $$$ from the merger and the arrival of Entain in funding stakes, you'd think ATR could do better than $12 per head for 'lunch' for the under-appreciated strappers whose work is as essential to raceday as a jockey, trainer or Steward.

To illustrate the point, go into (say) the Ascot Room at HQ and see what you get for $12.


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On 10/13/2023 at 10:19 AM, curious said:

Yes. Great initiative. I wonder if other clubs will follow suit?

I see Hawkes Bay yesterday had a barbecue fired up all day outside the tie-up area. Commented on and appreciated by our crew after a long trip down.

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