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does this happen often?

ngakonui grass

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6 hours ago, ngakonui grass said:

Two full brothers running in the same race at Rangiora. R9 ;#6 & #7   HERE'S HERBIE &  HEZA SPORT.

G'Day NG . The Interdominion Grand Final run last night had 2 x half brothers in,  and they ran 1st and 3rd . just missing the Quinella in the Flagship harness racing event.

Doubt we will ever see that again at going so close to the quinella.

The Auckland Champ Delightful Lady won 38 races at Alexandra Park and sometimes her Full sister Davey's Jill would win the feature 'trot' on the same racecard while the 'Lady' was winning the Feature Pacing race on the card.. that was Quite extraordinary and less likely to happen again , than the above scenario with Swayzee and Leap To Fame last night.😁

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On 12/17/2023 at 7:56 AM, Maximus said:

well spotted, ng

Can you recall the most recent time siblings ran against each other in a Grp throughbred race (in NZ)?


Hey Max , I'm not sure how they did in NZ but about 30 years ago , 2 very famous kiwi siblings were dishing it up to the Aussies.

I'm sure you've heard of them , as they were fantastic horses. always in the thick end of the action here so must of been Top Shelf Winning there in the shaky isles too ? ...

The Phantom and his younger brother The Phantom Chance .

Looked like they might fight out the Caulfield Stakes until Naturalism came along to steal the Win. 

The Phantom then ran 3rd in Caulfield Cup , while The Phantom Chance defeated Naturalism in the Cox plate. 

They then met in the MacKinnon Stakes on Derby day with The Phantom 1st and young brother 'Chance' rolling in 6th.  Great sibling rivalry.



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