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Cambridge Palmerston North/Manawatu and Alexandra Park selections

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Gonna put my reputation on the line tonight (presuming I have got one at all)


R1  7  Jocas Hill        Nicely bred, but iffy in its gait so far, but talented enough to blouse this lot.   1rst  $2.20  $1.60

R2  3  Shez The One   Did it tough as fav last time and I love the Sweet Lou,s                                  3rd   $1.90

R3   10  Alana         8 win horse down in grade in a mediocre field.                                                     4th

R4   1   Xcite Me    Out of Alta Serena, and good draw                                                                         5th  

R5   8   Majestic Ruby     Should be thereabouts second up.                                                               2nd   $2.70

R6  5   The Surfer    Talented looking horse and best draw yet.                                                          1rst   $1.90  $1.50

R7   6    D.J.Rock      Shown enough in a limited career to do well here.                                             3rd     $3.10

R8  3   Sweet Olivia      Very risky but has heaps of ability                                                                   2nd     $2.50

R9   5   Lou Baby            Stick to my Sweet Lou,s                                                                                  1rst     $1.60   $1.00  Bolted in.

R10    11    Ima Sporty Angel     Wide draw but has shown enough to do well here, with the right run. -----

R11   2   Montana D.J        Running minor placings and not out of turn for a win.                                1rst   $3.10   $2.00

Four wins, two seconds , two thirds . $1 each way. 10 cent profit for the night. 

Probably a waste of time with such short divvies. 


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Alex Park this time.

Race 1     No 7  No Added Sugar    (Sweet Lou, for no other reason)                   3rd $1.60

Race 2    No 3   Lightning McQueen   (Shown enough to give this a shake)        2nd  $2.10

Race 3    No 3    Potter  (Quick horse/Sweet Lou/good draw/short odds)           1rst   $2.20  $1.50

Race 4    No 3    Halberg    (The Purdon/Phelan factor , should go close)           -

Race 5    No 3   Leo Lincoln  (Precocious Art Major and first time over the sprint, could lead and win at overs on the tote)-

Race 6    No 2  Throwyaarmsaroundme  ( Sweet Lou/good draw/should be tough)   3rd     $1.20

Race 7    No 3  Fernleigh Cash ( Longshot to run a place/back to sprints and mobiles, with Alicia Harrison up)  4th

Race 8    No 4   Minjee  (Solid mile rates and could lead them a merry dance)      -

Race 9    No 6   All Cashed Up    ( Surely this time, has the ability but does make it hard for itself)   2nd   $1.60

Race 10   No 6   Xcite Me ( unlucky so far, sticking with it ,just needs luck from the draw)My BB for the night.  3rd NTD

Disappointing runs by some

One win ,2 seconds . 3 thirds. $20 spent  $10.20 return. Remind me to stick to Purdon/Phelon. 



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Alex Park 9-2-2024.

R1   6  Always B Elite  ( second up in the north,and ran good races as a 2yr old)                                           1rst  

R2  8  Franco Santana  (Well backed first up and devoid of any racing room,should go close with T Herlihy)  4th

R3  6  Wish For Fish   (Fresh up and good record on the course)                                                                           4th

R4  9  Madrid         (Bought north, shows potential from Purdon Barn, just needs luck from draw)           pathetic

R5  4  Treacherous Baby  (Has the draw advantage over #7, but another good Captain Treacherous horse)     again pathetic

R6  9  Sunny's Sister  ( Trots all the way, Wins)                                                                                             3rd Thought Dun might have looped them and get to the lead, instead of a sprint around them from back at the end. 

R7  3  Iron Brigade  ( might lack the class of some of these but is quick,show heaps of potential,  and a good bet at odds)  Caught parked.Stick with in lesser fields.

R8   5  Throwyaarmsaroundme   (Another consistent Sweet Lou, Herlihy up, should go close)             3rd

R9  5  Self Assured   (IMHO, one of the best horses to stick his head through a bridle in my time watching harness. Getting older but all   class still.                                                                                                                                                   2nd

R10  6  Bangkok Betty   (Weaker field for her , my BB for the night, could easily win without surprising)Bugger  2nd

I would call that a night of failures by the Favs. 

Hoping they run better than the last meet.  They didn't

One win, 2 2nds ,2 3rds.    $20 spent  $11.10 return. 

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  • Hesi changed the title to Cambridge Palmerston North/Manawatu and Alexandra Park selections

Palmerston North  tonight.

R1    3  Sweet Olivia     (S Doodys second string and quite capable of turning up)   ---

R2  6    Trifolium       (His turn to win this, but keeps running places)                         2nd  $1.50

R3   4  Clear Left   (Starting to hit form again , in this)                                                1rst  $5.10  $1.80

R4   7   Eastwood Dream   ( won nicely first up from down south and capable of repeating)  1rst   $2.70   $1.40

R5  4   Diamonds Are Forever  ( should be winning this reasonably well)                                1rst    $3.40   $2.00  (good money for a group placed horse)

R6  5    Bettor Grunter    ( Blair on board and was useful down south in his early career, and a front row draw)  2nd  $1.50

R7  6   Cracker Rock  (Arna brings this 3yr old for a go here and was held up at Cambridge first up and won a trial earlier) 3rd  $1.20

R8  4   Secrets Abound   (Sweet Lou again and has a reputation) My BB for the night.  1rst  $1.30  $1.10

Imaginary $10 win bets only. BB will incur twice the amount =$20 win. Prices in the north are way too small for $1 e/w. 

Results  4 wins  2 seconds 1 third  Spent $90  Return $148  Profit  $58

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Alexander Park 16-2-24

Totals so far  (includes $1 each way for first 3 meetings) every meeting after has been from last night ,and will be $10 win bets only. 

39 races , 10 -wins  8- 2nds , 9- 3rds  Profit $35.50.


R1  9  Luby Lil     (A young trotter on the up, the longer distance to work with off the hncp)                        2nd

R2  6  Franco Santana  (good efforts from bad draws and Herlihy sticks instead of #4)                          --

R3  5  McKendrick   (Sweet Lou again, Dun stable ,right in this )                                          1rst  $7.60  $2.20

R4  4   Dutchess Megxit  (Very consistent and with Butcher on, should go close from the draw)           2nd

R5  11  Sunny's Sister  ( Tough field with some in form fast beginners off the front, extra distance will suit though )---

R6  4  Ultimate racy Girl ( Very consistent filly, Butcher on, has the class to take this)                                  3rd

R7  1  Cold Chisel  ( Tough race this one ,but draw gives him all the chance in the world to make it hard for those at the back) 2nd

R8  6  Self Assured  (Say no more)                                                                                                                    2nd

R9  5 Castana      (Improving 4yr old , and could easily prevail here again)                                                   4th

1 win  ,4 -2nds, 1 -3rd

Frustrating run of 2nds. $90 spent   $76 return  $14 loss. No BB so no double up.

Totals  48 races  11 wins  12 seconds  10 thirds  Profit  $35

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Cambridge 23-2-24

R1   9  Keepit Klassy  ( Arna brings the nice 4yr old  back to Cambridge, Butcher up , must be tough on career stats)  2nd (at 12,s,bugger)

R2   6   Shez The One  (Drawn nicely, Sweet Lou, should be in this )                                                                                   4th

R3   1   Lincoln Lou     (Sweet Lou again, anyone's guess in this race but does have trial form)                                         3rd ntd

R4    1  Liby Lil.   (Runner up last time and well place to make amends)                                                                                3rd

R5    4    Akatea   (Second up and has shown enough in previous campaign to rate here)                                                  2nd

R6   4   Lou Baby     ( Beaten by draw at Alex Park, but bloused two fields here before)                                                     5th  

R7   5  Wishing Star    (Longshot fresh up)                                                                                                                                -

R8   2   Onyx Shard   ( Sweet Lou 3f, good draw to work with for a change)                                                                         3rd

R9   3   Precious Bet   (Has also shown enough to give this a shake) My BB                                                                         1rst  $3.80x2BB

1 win ,  two 2nds ,three 3rds

Total spent  $100  Return $76  Loss $24  .

57 races   12 wins, 14 2nds, 13 3rds.  Overall profit $11.00

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Alex Park 1-3-2024

Bound to be some short divvies tonight. 

R1  5   Inasinglemoment    ( Very impressive 1rst up, beat a subsequent race winner at the trials)   2nd 

R2  8  Follow Your Dream  ( Has had some tough runs in good fields down south. 3rd up at Alex Park and will be fitter, just needs the right run.)                                                                                                                                                                 -  Never in it

R3   2  Twista                   ( Gets the nudge over #1 , should be close)           Wrong again . Can't win can yah. 2nd

R4  7  Monarch Hill         ( Has shown enough ability to take this out, providing she trots all the way)      1rst   $3.70  

R5  1  Cold Chisel            ( Very fine margins  between 1 and 2 in this)                                                          1rst  $2.70

R6  8  All Cashed Up.   (Will get one soon)                                                                                                       1rst  $4.00

R7  3  Jolimont  (My talk with A Campbell got Tommy to buy this Sweet Lou .) My BB and very easy.      1rst  1.80  (Double up on BB)

R8  2  Idolou scr.  Duchess Megxit ( Obvious choice)                                                                                      1rst  $1.50

5 wins , 2  seconds,   . $90 spent  Return $155  Profit $65

Total Races 65    Wins 17  2nds 16  3rds 13

Overall Profit  $76


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