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Just responded to a post on picnic racing in Victoria. 

It's something I'd highly recommend attending over there. You'd be surprised just how many people attend. And the atmosphere is great with no pretences, just country people having a good time in what are usually very tranquil bush settings.

I attended Buchan and would go back again. Would have had around 8,000 people the day I was there. Small fields, so if it's more a day out than a feast of racing you want, then the picnics are good fun.

Gives their lesser horses options (and NZ ones too).

Has anyone else been to the picnics - and has an experience to share?

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56 minutes ago, Hesi said:

Yeah, Ellerslie infield on Boxing Day, great way to relax after Xmas Day, 10,000 people, never missed it for many years.  Picnics, boot parties, moderate Byo, plenty of leftovers from Xmas day

Say no more 

I'm like you. Went there for years and years on Boxing Day and New Years Day. Great atmosphere and so many great memories. 

I think one year we got there at 8.30am!

Needless to say I was seeing double by the end of the day.

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