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Especially for the Village Idiot....debunking the myth


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1.  We don't care how big or small we are, we're too busy enjoying all things racing and sport(everyone used to rubbish comps, now everyone wants them), rather than deluding ourselves, with ill informed, click baiting, fishwife like, garbage posting from bitter people(a few exceptions of course), that we can make any difference.  So much so, that someone, who actually deals in data, not hysteria, feels the need to educate.

2.  Any site that gives space to a known, but albeit anonymous, fraud and idiot, can never lay claim to having any credibility, let alone the title of premier

3.  Any site, where, in order to manufacture discussion, the need is felt for people to have multiple identities, probably at least 12, can also never lay claim to having any legitimacy

And I haven't even touched on the much vaunted free speech, because I have some serious things to do this avo, and that would add too much frivolity to my demeanour.

Dare I say it, because the site is run by an idiot, but RC, is the premier site for chat and discussion, because it is still frequented by people in the industry, many well informed, some not, who probably still think the earth is flat 

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