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Now I know you lot are living in the  summer  bubble  at the moment! But I would have thought the political  wingers (which ever way you lean) would have been all over this(barry for the prosecution and Hesi the defence)accusation from the ockers that NZ was turning into or is Vassal State.My interest in whether this is fake news is greedily personal, as The Midnight  Crew start planning their exit strategy from Blighty.

With the Red Mist descending on  an island in PNG,the question for the Midnight Crew is NZ or S/SW France?


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Thanks guys, we will sit on the pointy picket fence for a bit longer! What with our comrades waving the iron fist recently over the fish exports🤔, there is still alot for us as a family to work though. I wouldn't  like to wake up in ten years time and find that we have been "J- Pinged" up the derriere!😳

we are still 50/50 with Le Blu in this household!

Au revoir 

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