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As of Aug 1 Trackside 1 and 2 are on Spark Sports digital platform

Great, the more coverage the better for racing, and this will capture the younger generation on their I phones, androids and laptops.

But, you go to the Spark Sport website to sign up, and no mention of Trackside 1 and 2 ???

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Did that already thanks.

Cannot find any reference to racing or Trackside on the Spark Sport website as per Bernard's Blog below

Bernard's Blog - 29 July

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Bernard Saundry
29 July 2019

Getting our racing in front of more eyeballs is a key focus for NZTR as we strive to grow the industry.

The recent announcement from RITA that the TAB had signed an agreement with Spark Sport which will see racing part of the range of events screened via that digital platform is a huge positive in this area. 

From the beginning of the new racing season coverage of all live racing, along with pre and post-race analysis, live odds and feature shows, will be added to the sports currently offered in Spark Sport’s $19.99 subscription.

Over the past five years the sports rights market in New Zealand has changed significantly.  Earlier this year the TAB entered into a non-exclusive agreement with SKY NZ, providing the TAB and the codes great opportunity to grow the audience and to get content to new viewers.

This is something which NZTR is keen to see advance further as it aligns with our media strategy to allow thoroughbred racing to be seen anywhere, any time and on any platform.

It is also another step towards moving racing to an audience outside of the traditional bubble populated by long-time racing fans.

The equation is very simple – more eyeballs; more engagement; more owners; more participation; more turnover; greater returns for clubs; and more money back into the industry.

Ultimately it is our aim to put live racing vision up on the LOVERACING.NZ website where we already have around 64,000 viewers checking in for their daily dose of racing news.  We are currently working on the technology to make this a reality and allow us to grow the number of people seeing racing.

This live action will add to our current content which profiles and celebrates our people and horses.

While on the topic of celebrating our horses, later this week we will be asking those within the industry to share their own stories via our #weloveracingNZ campaign with the opportunity to win a trip to the 2019 Horse of the Year Awards.

Look out for the promo for this campaign which recognises all the work which goes into getting our horses to the races and asking people to take a selfie and tell us what got them into the industry.  I look forward to seeing the results.

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So what is going on then, anyone know?

Sounds like a move in the right direction to actually get to the new generations who never read newspapers, never visit the TAB website, but who live on their smartphones.  Sports betting definitely, with hopefully a carry over to racing

I have been reliably informed by my sons fiancee, that millennials do not read newspapers, even online, which I thought everyone who wanted news does

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5 hours ago, Hesi said:

So someone is being economical with the facts.

RITA announced Aug 1, so must be them

It does say from "next month" not the 1st of the month. Benefit of the doubt? Or have they kicked off with a porkie? Watch this space.

TAB Trackside joins Spark Sport Stable

18 July 2019

The TAB is pleased to announce it has partnered with Spark Sport to show Trackside 1 and 2 on its digital platform.

From next month coverage of all live racing, along with pre and post-race analysis, live odds and feature shows will be shown to a new mainstream audience alongside tennis, football and later this year the Rugby World Cup.

“This agreement provides a great opportunity for showcasing domestic racing through broadening the access to, and the audience of TAB Trackside,” says TAB General Manager of Media and International Andy Kydd.

The sports rights market in New Zealand has changed significantly over the past five years, and earlier this year the TAB entered into a non-exclusive agreement with SKY NZ, providing the TAB and the racing codes greater opportunity to grow audience and get content to new viewers.

“It also provides the basis for a partnership opportunity for us to explore other non Trackside content residing on this platform, such as a pop-up destination for extended coverage of our feature racedays,” says Kydd.

The TAB’s core wagering customers will continue to be serviced in retail via SKY NZ.

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On 8/18/2019 at 9:14 AM, Hesi said:

Still nothing up about Racing on Spark Sport

The poem must have been the Iliad

"The Iliad. The average reader will spend 9 hours and 41 minutes reading The Iliad at 250 WPM (words per minute)."

I doubt there's anyone at NZTR that can read that fast.

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I reckon that CEO at Spark Sport, has had time working for NZRB, the amount of spin she is putting on the technical problems.

Clearly their system can't handle the capacity(ring a bell re TAB probs).  We were continually getting poor definition quality probs, which stopped in the second half, not long after it was announced on Spark Sport that they had switched to coverage on free to air Duke TV.

Anyway, good win to the AB's, but enough to have the other top teams believing they can compete and beat us, which just adds to the excitement of the whole tournament

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It's bizarre. Just tried the highlight clip. Now in places the audio is ahead of the video. Referees whistle awarding Bridge's try goes while he is still a step away from the try line. I think they have some problems alright. See what happens tonight.

Edited by curious
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You may have experienced some disruption while watching last night’s RWC 2019™ match between New Zealand and South Africa. This happened because of fluctuations in the quality of the video feed from our overseas partners and as a result, we decided to switch live play over to TVNZ DUKE.

Here’s some important information about how to watch RWC 2019 tonight and how to go about getting a refund if you were unhappy with your viewing experience last night. 

What happens for tonight’s matches?

While our team has been working hard to fix things, in order to provide all our customers with the best viewing experience we will show all RWC 2019 matches this evening on both Spark Sport and free-to-air on TVNZ DUKE - channel 13 on your TV or Sky channel 23. Please note, no matches will be available through the TVNZ website, TVNZ OnDemand app or Freeview Smart VU.

If you were unhappy with your viewing experience on Spark Sport for last night’s match between New Zealand and South Africa, then Spark Sport is offering the choice of either a partial refund or alternatively, a full refund if you wish to cancel your Tournament Pass.

If you wish to take up one of these options, please complete this form by 11:59pm on Sunday 29th September.

All customers are always welcome to contact Spark Sport about any other issues they are experiencing on the service in relation to other matches and we will work through their options on a case by case basis.


The team at Spark Sport

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Pretty good of them to offer a full refund, but how many will take it, people bought the Tournament Pass after all to watch all the games, how else are they going to watch.  No guarantees on how much will be aired on Duke.

Quite a bit of spin, must of hauled the PR company out in the weekend, that'll cost

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I fail to see how the quality of the video feed can be the problem, when what is presumably the same feed is working fine on DUKE. I had the Namibia Italy game on and it seemed fine but round the time I got the above email it just froze up. I'll take the 15% refund in the mean time anyway!

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